Plugins&3d Models

  • Spline [6]

    Set of different 3ds max plugins for simplifying your work with shapes.

    Asset Managers [6]

    Easy to organize and use 3ds max assets. Set of most power tools for organize your assets! Support to all modern renderers.

    FilePathFinder [3]

    Asset tracker Manager for 3ds Max. Find, collect and relink asset files. Archiving a 3ds Max scene Support to all modern renderers.

    Geometry & Spline Modifiers [8]

    3ds Max modifiers for edit geometry & spline objects. Poly Profile, Soft Edge, Edge Chamfer-Extrude, Clone, Advanced Outline, Uniform Spline, Boolean Spline, InsertShape.

    GrowFX [2]

    GrowFX is a plug-in for Autodesk® 3ds Max® by the developer Exlevel, allowing you to build any plants and trees procedurally.

    Texture [7]

    Set of 3ds Max plugins & utilities for simplifying your work with textures. TextureMap plugins, Asset management utilities and other.

  • Sweep Profile [3]

    Power plugin for simplify work with architectural profiles. Set of shapes for using with 'Sweep profile'.

  • Material [4]

    3ds max plugins for working with materials.

  • 3d Models [23]

    3ds max models - classic and modern furniture, chandeliers and plants . Shapes for using with sweep profile.