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      Project Manager - Export Proxy to other formats. Find & Replace in batch mode

      Batch Render&Relink: Find & Replace

      The Batch Render & Relink utility that shipped with the Project Manager gains the ability to rename paths by mask in batch mode for multiple files. This feature can be useful, for example, after transferring maps to another disk or after renaming the folder with textures.
      The “Fast Mode” mode is also supported. This mode allows relinking assets without opening 3ds max files or material libraries.

      Renaming takes place using a simple mask, just specify a part of the path or file name and the new path.

      For renaming using more complex conditions, use the Advanced Asset Renamer utility. This utility also shipped with Project Manager

      Here you can find a tutorial about this utility: Advanced Asset Renamer – Using in workflow

      Export Proxy to other formats

      The new version of Project Manager allows users to export proxies to other file formats, including export to mesh and save as 3ds max file. Besides Vray and Corona proxies, FStorm, Octane, and Final Renderers proxy exports are now also supported.

      To use this feature, simply select proxy files and the format to which you want the files converted. This feature takes advantage of the corresponding renderers, which means that related renderers must be installed in 3ds Max.

      You can specify either an absolute or relative path to the exported files.

      Specify path to the exported files

      You can see the full list of changes and fixes below.

      New Features for Project ManagerView Product

      • Adds an ability to export several types of proxy files to other formats *
      • Adds an ability to Find & Replace part of paths in batch mode ["Batch Render&Relink"]
      • Fixes an issue with managing material categories in some cases
      • Fixes an issue with reading/writing/applying some setting
      • Fixes an issue with exporting 3d files to 3ds Max file format
      • Fixes an issue with grouping some models on merging
      • Fixes an issue with detecting correct bounding box for some models on rendering
      • Fixes a bug when System Environment Paths contains invalid paths
      • Fixes an issue with changing the interface in version 3.14.32
      • * Currently supported to Corona, Final Render, FStorm, Octane and VRay Proxy

      Related to "Project Manager version 3.14.57"

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