Absolutely amazing tool! I honestly cant live without the profiles now when making interiors! Been using Kstudio since 2022 and haven't stopped recommending it to everyone!

JC Explorations

Really good

Victor Manuel Roldan Macanas /
Víctor Manuel Roldán Macanás

Oh my gosh...I've been waiting for a tool like this for ages! It finally fixes a longstanding issue in 3ds max when the orientation of your spline didn't match your expectations and gave you wrong extrusion results. Smart Extrude works flawlessly, and even provides extra options for some creativity and exploration.

And I want to say a huge thank you to the folks at Kstudio for making the easiest and most seamless process for ordering, downloading, installing, and authorizing 3ds max plugins. It's a relief to have an often frustrating process happen so quickly and easily. Thanks team…keep up the great work!

Nos ha cambiado por completo el ritmo de trabajo, tanto a la hora de crear nuevas escenas como gestionar escenas externas, es maravilloso para tener tu biblioteca a un click de distancia y de un simple vistazo, y gestionar los assets de una escena. Lo hemos comprado ya 2 veces, y cuando necesitemos un upgrade lo volveremos a comprar

Zora Groothuis Arroyo /
ZG Estudio -Pso Virgen de Linarejos 58 b4 5D 23700

This is one example of those very dependable and reliable tools that will make your workflow so much easier. Would definitively recommend it.

Ramon Aranguren /
PixelKnot Studio Inc.

Great product works seamlessly and saves a lot of time

excelente producto, cuando ya lo tienes configurado acelera tu producción de muy buena manera.

Bastian Robertino Galleani Cabrera /
Idearquitectura spa.

Great Product. Still need some tweaks but generally works perfectly. Can't wait to see improvements.
Thank for your products.

very helpful thank you for great hard work.

Bashar Dardari

One of the most useful plugin, Must have!


I am very happy with the purchase and the product, this has made my work easier on some projects, thank you for this, Regard

Jorge Briceno

One of the most useful plugin.
Must have!




A great time saver! We use it, especially for material collections and management and it is very useful

Semiha Karatas /
2kviz Studio

Es un producto que me facilita y agiliza el trabajo, es muy útil, organiza y optimiza mi tiempo, excelente, lo recomiendo ampliamente!!!
Uno de los mejores complementos para 3d Max.!!

Roberto Albinati

Can really recommend this very helpful plugin. Helps a lot with keeping your whole asset library organized and has many helpful additional functions!

Jonas Noell

I use a while with the demo version, it was a great help for my assets organization. Good job!


Project Manager is an incredible plugin that not only helps you organize your libraries, but it also has many more powerful tools to work smoothly and optimizing time for your projects. Now that I use it, I wouldn't know how to go back without this tool.

Mauricio Cavalla

Project manager is a stunning plugin for organize your CG library. It's like a 'Lightroom' for 3ds max users because you can keep organize your 3d models, HDRI, Materials and texture of easy way. The plugin runs in a separate window that you can see all yours assets and it's very useful to choose the correct models, also have a extra tools that help to insert very handy in your 3ds max scene.

Project manager it's robust, intuitive, useful and necessary for your 3ds max workflow. The customer support it's 5 stars, Alexander Kramer will attend your ask in short time. And for what not to talk about the price is super fordable. For what reason I putted a excellent review? It's because I be totally satisfied with this product.

I recommend Project Manager to all 3ds Max users!

Jose Miguel Perez Colon

high recommended

Oscar TUNG

This plug-in its awesome!!. Exactly what I needed for my projects.

mauricio cavalla

SUCH a time saver! Pick spine, pick profile - BOOM, Done!! Don't have the right profile? Easy, create one and add to library. So simple!

Giovanni Pope

It is a necessary tool for organizing projects! I've tried other similar tools but Project Manager works best!

jeanphi /
Lybeer Jean-Philippe

Very good product. I'm happy with it. Thank Kstudio

CGTricks /

Definitely an indispensable tool. I have discovered elements of my library that I never used because they were not well cataloged and thanks to project manager I have started to have everything under control. The best thing is that it still has room for improvement and is constantly updated. Very happy with the acquisition.

Edson Sanchez

I will not exaggerate, it is a great plugin. I bought it recently but I already use it in every project I do.
It really speeds up my workflow and makes the tedious process of maintaining the library of objects, maps, materials even fun.
The only thing I regret is not buying them before.

David Sáenz De Ynestrillas Vera

Managing asset is one of the most important thing with a 3D artist. Well managed asset helps you work much more effective. And this tool can help you to do that with its powerful functions and easy to use. Plus supporting from the developer is very good. Recommand!

Man Mars

Great tool for 3ds max .thank you so much.

RK Baraik

Fantastic plugin! Works effectively and efficiently. Easy to install and setup. Makes managing & using asset & shaders libraries intuitive and easy.
This is something that should be natively included in 3DS.

Jixal /
Jixal Boxx

It is so easy to make classical architecture or furniture now I feel dirty, now I think all that time I lost drawing profiles.
Thanks for this awesome tool.

Jorge Fierro

for me, I'm very happy to get powerful script help me to work very fast more than ever

Mohammad Nabil

Total must-have tool. I love it.

shawnolson /
Wall Worm

Very useful!

Florin Bîşcă

The first time I used this software, it improved my efficiency in CG work. I am a CG worker from China. Can you develop multilingual versions?

路明 陈

I havent used it a lot since I bought it a few weeks ago, but it is fast and better than browsing in the normal windows explorer, I still have to understand how to add all my libraries. I will keep looking in the manual. Great plugin so far!

Marco Andrade

hasta el momento que lo he ocupado es fantástico es muy bueno y recomendado 100%

Rodrigo Aldeabaran Diaz Maldonado

Used for several years, is one of the best plug-ins I've ever used. Very practical and convenient at work.
If can add a library management script is even better.


I don't know what i would do without this and each time i wonder why it doesn't cost more$. Thanks!

Michael Bilodeau Balatti