Here you can submit your own rendered images to the gallery.
Each image will be reviewed before it´s been added to the gallery and if suitable,
you will receive a BONUS for your contribution.
The BONUS is a COUPON WORTH 30 USD that you can use for Kstudio products.

So you benefit not only by exposing your image to a wide audience,
you also get real value back directly for your effort.

There are only a few requirements:
The image should make use of a Kstudio or the 3d model.
Even free products are eligible.
Also, please write a few words about your renderings.
Like used software, renderer, plugins and etc.
See these posts as an example:
Architectural visualization by ZNAK
Globosome FMX trailer by Sascha Geddert

<p>Please <a rel="nofollow" href="/wp-login.php?redirect_to=%2Fgallery-submit">Log in</a> to submit your images to the gallery.</p>

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