Over 400 companies use Kstudio’s plugins for creating their fantastic architectural visualisations, games and movies.


he best timesaver for working in 3dsmax
I have come across! I have to kick myself for not buying it earlier. After only two days use I can’t manage without :-)

Abderat Qias
Semiha Karatas

A great time saver! We use it, especially for material collections and management and it is very useful

Semiha Karatas /
2kviz Studio

Es un producto que me facilita y agiliza el trabajo, es muy útil, organiza y optimiza mi tiempo, excelente, lo recomiendo ampliamente!!!
Uno de los mejores complementos para 3d Max.!!

Roberto Albinati

Can really recommend this very helpful plugin. Helps a lot with keeping your whole asset library organized and has many helpful additional functions!

Jonas Noell

I use a while with the demo version, it was a great help for my assets organization. Good job!


The best timesaver for working in 3dsmax
I have come across! I have to kick myself for not buying it earlier. After only two days use I can't manage without :-)

Terje Hamnes /
Terje Hamnes Arkitektur
Jose Miguel Perez Colon

Project manager is a stunning plugin for organize your CG library. It's like a 'Lightroom' for 3ds max users because you can keep organize your 3d models, HDRI, Materials and texture of easy way. The plugin runs in a separate window that you can see all yours assets and it's very useful to choose the correct models, also have a extra tools that help to insert very handy in your 3ds max scene.
Project manager it's robust, intuitive, useful and necessary for your 3ds max workflow. The customer support it's 5 stars, Alexander Kramer will attend your ask in short time. And for what not to talk about the price is super fordable. For what reason I putted a excellent review? It's because I be totally satisfied with this product.
I recommend Project Manager to all 3ds Max users!

Jose Miguel Perez Colon
Giovanni Pope

SUCH a time saver! Pick spine, pick profile - BOOM, Done!! Don't have the right profile? Easy, create one and add to library. So simple!

Giovanni Pope

At first I was skeptical about this product. But after trying it, I really liked it. Now I actively use it.


A must have tool for 3dsmax everyday users. The new advanced asset renamer is a time saver!

Alejandro Gonzalez Romo De Vivar /

It is a necessary tool for organizing projects! I've tried other similar tools but Project Manager works best!

jeanphi /
Lybeer Jean-Philippe

Best project Manager tool on market that we know. We have researched a bit, including some famous tools, and this one is by far the most simple and complete.
Thank you!

Marcio Santos /
Zytro Ltd

Very good product. I'm happy with it. Thank Kstudio

CGTricks /
Edson Sanchez

Definitely an indispensable tool. I have discovered elements of my library that I never used because they were not well cataloged and thanks to project manager I have started to have everything under control. The best thing is that it still has room for improvement and is constantly updated. Very happy with the acquisition.

Edson Sanchez
mauricio cavalla

Project Manager is an incredible plugin that not only helps you organize your libraries, but it also has many more powerful tools to work smoothly and optimizing time for your projects. Now that I use it, I wouldn't know how to go back without this tool.

Mauricio Cavalla
mauricio cavalla

This plug-in its awesome!!. Exactly what I needed for my projects.

mauricio cavalla
Man Mars

Managing asset is one of the most important thing with a 3D artist. Well managed asset helps you work much more effective. And this tool can help you to do that with its powerful functions and easy to use. Plus supporting from the developer is very good. Recommand!

Man Mars

Takes a while to understand all the features. But after a while it rocks.
That´s a real time saver. A must have plugin!

Tryharder /
M55 Services Limited

Fantastic plugin! Works effectively and efficiently. Easy to install and setup. Makes managing & using asset & shaders libraries intuitive and easy.
This is something that should be natively included in 3DS.

Jixal /
Jixal Boxx

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