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The first time I used this software, it improved my efficiency in CG work. I am a CG worker from China. Can you develop multilingual versions?

路明 陈

It's one of the best plugin for 3Ds Max you can get !
but not sure is there any other way you can create like shortcut links in Windows, show model thumbnail in couple different folders but only save the whole model asset once in a folder?
Thank you

Tristan Hung

I have been working on Archviz for longer that I can even remember, through times I have used many asset management tools, both free and paid, even tried to implement workflows that would allow for easy management, and none of those practices come even close to what KSTUDIO's Project Manager has to offer, plus the state of the art customer service that Alexander offers.

Ramon Aranguren /
PixelKnot Studio Inc.

I havent used it a lot since I bought it a few weeks ago, but it is fast and better than browsing in the normal windows explorer, I still have to understand how to add all my libraries. I will keep looking in the manual. Great plugin so far!

Marco Andrade

A perfect tool for working with classic profiles a bliss to work with.

Jorge Fierro

I have used Project Manager for a few Years now, and although it can be buggy at times, the Positives out weigh the Negatives massively, I would like to see it be able to Run Faster loading thumbnails generally etc, I would like to see a MOVE Textures option for assets, instead of always COPYING, but that's a minor thing, unless it does that already and I have missed it.
I would like better control on Thumbnail rendering, doesn't quite work as you would think always.
But generally It's Great, well done to the Team

Chris Wade

A must have for any office size, PM is in the heart of our daily workflow, and the customer support is out of this world! Must buy!

Daniel Diaz Del Castillo /
Fe3o4 S.A.S

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