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The plugin since its Free version has always been among the indispensable tools to be able to manage all the profiles to be extruded, especially in the architectural field and not only. Always adored, now, with the PRO version, there is more control over the Plugin scene which makes it even more usable and greatly automates the building process. Really indispensable.

Claudio Frusteri

very good product I am very happy with it, there are free versions, but having the pro version gives security in that it does not fail and in more resources that the program has

Rodrigo Aldebaran Diaz Maldonado

Fantastic plugin! Works effectively and efficiently. Easy to install and setup. Makes managing & using asset & shaders libraries intuitive and easy.
This is something that should be natively included in 3DS.

Jixal /
Jixal Boxx

It is so easy to make classical architecture or furniture now I feel dirty, now I think all that time I lost drawing profiles.
Thanks for this awesome tool.

Jorge Fierro

for me, I'm very happy to get powerful script help me to work very fast more than ever

Mohammad Nabil

Over 400 companies use Kstudio's plugins for creating their
fantastic architectural visualizations, games and movies.

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