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Project Manager - most advanced tool for working with 3ds Max assets

Project Manager version 2.60.27

Now you can manage asset files for Material Libraries and 3d Models directly from the Explorer tab.
Available all required operation for manage asset files such

Play Biped Motion files in Project Manager v2.51.43

Project Manager version 2.51.50

  • Adds an ability to play animation for .bip files.
  • Fixes an issue for version 2.50.64 with slow work on network paths.
  • Fixes a bug when 3ds Max sometime crashes after opening some material libraries.
  • Updates ...
Project Manager version 2.5

Project Manager version 2.5

I am pleased to present a new version of Project Manager to you.
Everybody wishes to work with a tool that is both robust and, of course, beautiful.
Artists pay special attention to visual appearance of the