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Probably one of the best thought out plugins, fast and reliable, easy to use and very convenient. It makes populating a scene very easy!

Warren DeBruyn

Uso questo prodotto da più di 5 anni e questo è il secondo Project Manager che acquisto.
Un prodotto indispensabile nel lavoro 3D.
Grazie anche al continuo aggiornamento svolto
Dal nostro Alexander Kramer.

Torri Walter

I have been blown away by the new Project Manager demo so I purchased it.
I had tested the past versions and while impressed, I did not purchase.
I expect this new version will become a popular must-have for every 3ds Max user.
Very excited to adopt this into my workflow!

Gary Tyler

I used this tools a lot everyday, usually finding, relinking or copy images are time consuming,
but PM helped me to do it as fast as possible with one click.
I think many people do not know what treasure it is, so I recommended everybody to try at least one time.
Thank you so much for this great tools.


It helps us a lot in several tasks and get our stock models organized and ready to populate our scenes. Keep improving it and for sure we will get a really great tool

Sérgio Merêces

hasta el momento que lo he ocupado es fantástico es muy bueno y recomendado 100%

Rodrigo Aldeabaran Diaz Maldonado

I have been working on Archviz for longer that I can even remember, through times I have used many asset management tools, both free and paid, even tried to implement workflows that would allow for easy management, and none of those practices come even close to what KSTUDIO's Project Manager has to offer, plus the state of the art customer service that Alexander offers.

Ramon Aranguren /
PixelKnot Studio Inc.

QUICK RENDER is soooo useful. Thank you very much.


Over 400 companies use Kstudio's plugins for creating their
fantastic architectural visualizations, games and movies.

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