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  • This utility will help you with organizing
    and using 3d models in the 3ds Max.
  • Manage Assets for 3d Models [new]
  • Preview thumbnails for 3dsmax files.
  • Keep links to favorite folders and files.
  • Searching files by tags and file-names.
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Product Description

Models Manager – the utility for organisation of 3d models and work with them in 3ds Max.
The organization system allows the to keep references to same folder in different catalogs.
For more convenient job with libraries all information is presented in thumbnails view.
You can render thumbnails for 3d models.

Much of a job with the utility is based at the most simple method – drag & drop.
In the same way you can quickly and easily fill catalogs tree – by dragging folders from Windows Explorer to the navigation panel of the Models Manager.

Main differences from the “Project Manager”:

  • Support to only 3d models (the “Project Manager” supports to 3d models, materials, bitmaps and ies-files)
  • Do not contains the tool “Batch Render&Relink”.
  • Do not contain the ability to work with “Asset Files” of the scene.

Additional Information

3ds max compatibility

3ds Max 2010-2017 (x32 & x64)

Supported renderer


Limitation for Demo

Work with limited number of the files.


Main Features

  • Simple adding the models into a scene
  • Cataloging the libraries of 3d models
  • Full support to all types of Drag&Drop (Cataloging, merging & etc.)
  • Displays thumbnails for 3d models
  • Generation preview for models
  • Ability to exclude from Merging unwanted objects
  • Ability to auto-fix Texture paths for merged objects on the fly
  • Replacement scene objects by other objects
  • Automatic conversion a merging models to proxy
  • Saving Proxy with materials
  • Search files by name and description.
  • Ability to add a description to Max files.
  • Display of embedded thumbnails in 3ds max and AutoCad files.

Misc Features

  • Support to almost all known renderers and plug-ins.
  • Unostentatious and “Transparent” the demo-version
  • Ability to back-up settings before reinstalling 3ds Max or Windows
  • Autocheck for updates
  • User-Friendly interface
  • Usability Default Setting



Models Manager Update History

Models Manager v.1.60.00

January 24, 2017
  • Redesign the interface.
  • Increase the size of thumbnails up to 512px
  • Adds support to different screen dpi settings.
  • Displays more information about files.
  • Adds the ability to working with assets of 3ds Max files directly from “Explorer” tab without opening file.
  • Adds support to FStormRender – merging Proxy, creating IES and FStorm materials.
  • Adds a “VRmesh Viewer” to list of “Programs” on toolbar.
  • Increase speed of merging models with missing network maps.
  • Keeps original names for objects after merging.
  • Adds the ability to select into delete dialog which dependent files will be removed with main asset.
  • Updates the SQLite and MySQL libraries to latest version.
  • Minor optimisations and speed improvements for searching files.
  • Fixes an issue with creating an Octane Proxy with Octane Renderer 3.xx.
  • Fixes a ...

Models Manager v.1.08.17

May 12, 2016
  • Now a max file what merged as xRef scene will be bind to a dummy.
  • Change a default extension for Corona Proxy from .cproxy to .cgeo.
  • Adds an option for setup number of level for searching files in subfolders (menu item ‘Show files in subfolders’).
  • Adds an ability for select items by typing them names on the keyboard.
  • Now by default a transformation of objects doesn’t reset after merging.*
  • Now by default empty objects (with 0 faces) don’t excluded from merging.*
  • Some minor interface changes.
  • Fixes a bug with searching directories in the version 1.08.16.
  • Fixes a bug with exporting a mesh to Mental Ray Proxy what occurs in some files.
  • Fixed a bug with updating what occurs on some computers.
  • Fixed a bug with converting models to Proxy in the version 1.08.10.
  • Fixed an issue with merging Itoo Forest objects.
  • Fixed a minor issue with sorting items in the listview.

Models Manager v.1.08.00

March 21, 2016
  • Increase speed of loading directories with big number of files.
  • Fixed a bug what occurs on some computers when opening the ‘Folder Browser’ dialog.
  • Fixed a issue with setting a pivot for objects what converted to Proxy.
  • Fixed another issues and bugs.

Models Manager v.1.07.00

January 9, 2016
  • Add the ability to import 3d models as Octane Proxy.
  • Add support to Octane renderer version 2.XX
  • Fixed issue with renaming a Catalogs.
  • Fixed other some minor issues.

Models Manager v.1.06.14

October 30, 2015
  • Adds the ability to export models to different file formats.
  • Change a database type from XML to SQL format (you can use a SQLite or MySQL* database).
  • Adds the ability for translating a paths in database from local to network and back
  • Adds the ability to add custom file formats for file filter.
  • Removed the OBJ file format from list of formats which compatible with the Corona Proxy.
  • Fixed a minor issue when merging a model as Corona proxy.

Models Manager v.1.05.07

August 3, 2015
  • Adds the ability to export models to different file formats.
  • Fixed a bug with using the plugin with ‘Batch Render&Relink’ and ‘Materials Manager’.
  • Fixed a minor issue with removing a folders.

Models Manager v.1.05.00

July 13, 2015
  • Adds support to Thea Renderer.
  • Adds support to Final Render.
  • Adds support to Indigo Render.
  • Fixed a minor issue with saving the settings for render-presets.
  • Fixed a issue with interactive filtering of items when showing all files from subdirectories.

Models Manager v.1.04.05

July 2, 2015
  • Adds the ability to display all files from subdirectories.
  • Adds the ability to store selected items in the history navigation.
  • Fixes a minor issue with displaying the items when search.

Models Manager v.1.02.23

June 15, 2015
  • Fixed the issue with slowly applying the material or merging the model at first time after starting the utility.
  • Fixed the minor specific issues when user renames or deletes the directory.
  • Fixed a some minor issues with updating the plugin.
  • Fixed a issue with using a custom menus.
  • Fixed a issue with freezing a interface when searching files.
  • Fixed an issue with adding a directory to favorites from menu.
  • Fixed a issue with lost a settings for modifier "Attribute Holder" on merging.
  • Adds the ability to rotate the objects by moving a mouse.
  • (Hold SHIFT+CTRL and move mouse for free rotation)
  • Little redesign for "Object Place" tool.
  • Fixes the issue with starting on the x32 system.

Models Manager v.1.02.00

March 30, 2015
  • Adds support to Maxwell renderer
  • Fixed the issue with rendering the preview for Proxy

Models Manager v.1.01.20

March 23, 2015
  • Adds support to release version of the Corona renderer
  • Fixed the some issues with Favorites.
  • Fixed the issues with merging XRef objects and Proxy.
  • Fixed the issue with cut operation for files and folders.
  • Fixed the issue with duplicate the search result for files which contains description.

Models Manager v.1.01.00

March 7, 2015
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when merge some objects.
  • Fixed the some issues with merging the animated objects.
  • Fixed the issues with merging the CAT objects.
  • Now the object hierarchy is not destroyed.
  • Fixed the issues with Copy/Move the directories on the Favorites.
  • Add the ability to Copy/Move the Catalogs to the Favorites.
  • Fixed the bug with generation the bug-report.

Models Manager v.1.00.37

March 4, 2015
  • Fixed the potential issues with merging the models.
  • Fixed the issue with merging the models in the 3ds max 2010-2014.
  • Fixed the potential issue with merging the model as Proxy.
  • Fixed the minor issues with saving the Favorities folders.
  • Fixed the some minor issues with saving the models. 8219
Models Manager v.1.00.0 December 29, 2014
  • First Release

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