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      • Adds support to 3ds Max 2020.
      • Drops support to 3ds Max 2012.
      • The “Save Selected” now saves without materials in Slate Material Editor. [3ds Max 2014 and above].
      • Adds the option to reset rotations and set the position to origin for selected geometry before exporting using the “Save/Export Selected” option.
      • Adds an ability to re-link external links on fly for imported models of additional formats (FBX, OBJ, 3DS, etc.)
      • Adds an ability to re-link external links on fly on exporting models
      • Fixes some issues with optimization when generating PDF
      • Fixes a some issues with rendering previews
      • Fixes an issue with slow placing objects in 3ds Max 2012-2016 using the ‘Object Place&Paint’ tool with “Paint on Nodes” option
      • Fixes an issue with exporting 3D files to another formats through menu-item “Export to:”
      • Fixes an issue with annoying message of Archvision RPC plugin at start
      • Fixes a potential bug with filtering of files
      • Fixes an issue with copying files from windows explorer to Manager through clipboard
      • Fixes some issues with compatibility with Materials Manager
      • Fixes a minor issue with generating bug-reports
      • Fixes a potential bug with saving/restoring MYSQL database


      • More clever method for set the pivot for meshes when exporting to a proxy
      • Some changes for saving a Proxy with material
      • Adds support to GrowFX: preview embedded thumbnail, drag into viewport, convert to Proxy
      • Adds an ability to display more information such as Faces, Frames and Bounding box about proxies ( V-Ray, Fstorm, Mental-Ray and Octane )
      • Convert to Vray Proxy now uses optimisation for instances. Re-create your vray proxies in case if you have issues with rendering speed or cancellation/ending of rendering is slowly.
      • Fixes an issue with converting to Proxy with latests versions of FStorm
      • Fixes an issue with converting to Proxy with latests versions of Redshift


      • Adds a new API method – MakeProxyFromFile. See the example in the file “” in the directory “presets”
      • Adds new callback – #preFileExport. This callback is called when adding a model from the scene to the library or exporting 3D files to other formats via the menu item “Export to:”.
      • Changes for API: integrates new PmCallbacks struct which allows to use callback events. For details see a file “PostFileMerge” in ‘presets’ directory
      • The API method ‘PMpostFileMerge’ is deprecated
      • Read More about API at
      • Fixes an issue with API method “ConvertToProxy”


      • Adds an ability to use active URLS in Comment’s textbox
      • Adds an ability to save excluded from merging classes to presets
      • Adds an ability to export 3ds Max files to material library files ( menu-item “Export to:” => “Material Library”)
      • Image which show with 3ds Max VFB now display in center of active screen
      • Fixes a some issues with copy/move directories
      • Fixes some minor issues with renaming items in the listview

      Read about the Latest Version

      Related to "Models Manager v.1.77.00"

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