Questions on Buying&Licensing:

  • How can i pay?

    You can buy the software using a variety of payment methods through an online store.
    The order process is protected via a secure connection and makes on-line ordering quick and safe.

    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    • Webmoney
    • Wire Transfer
    • Check
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Mail
    • Money Order
    • And some other
    • The most plugins have a volume discount.
    • VAT information can be found in the shopping cart.
    • All prices shown here are listed in USD (United States Dollar).
    • You can switch to any other currencies during the checkout process.
    • You can see the exact cost of buying on the checkout page.
    • Refund Policy for Kstudio products:
      If you are not satisfied and unhappy with plugin or if you can’t use it for some reason, 
      you can request a refund within two weeks of product purchase. 
      We will provide refunds to any reasonable request.

    If you have any problems, contact us at

  • I made the purchase. When do I get the full version of the product?

    Once you have completed your ordering process, you can login to your dashboard
    and download the full version of the product.
    If you not have a account you receive the mail with login and password.

    • Download and install the product.
    • Generate and send the identification file from dashboard page.
    • The license key will be sent to you within 48 hours.
    • After receiving the license run the 3ds Max with administrative privileges.
    • Run the plugin and choose item “Activation” in the menu “Help”.
    • Press the button “Apply Key File”.

    You can always restore the password on this page – Restore password.

  • How can I get an invoice for my purchase?

    After completing the order, you will receive an invoice with the confirmation e-mail.

  • How i can install the product?
    • Download archive with plugin.
    • Unpack archive on a hard disk
    • Run the 3ds Max.
    • Drag the .mzp file into the viewport
    • The installation automatically started.
    • Follow the instructions on screen and generate the identification file at the end.
    • In the 3ds max menu “Customize”>> “Customize User Interface”>> Category “Track”
      choose the plugin and draw it to the Panel of Instruments.

    You must be logged for downloading the full version of the product.

  • Does it possible to use one license on more than one computer?

    No, each license can be used only on one computer.
    Note that the discount available for most of the products.

  • Will i can get the updates for free?

    All minor updates are free.
    Upgrading to a new (major update) version:

    • The upgrading cost for user of single license will be up to 40% from full cost .
    • For user of multiple licenses (or multiple products) the cost will be up to 25% from full cost .

    If you bought a tool less than year before the release of the new version, you will get a new key for free.

    What is a minor and major version?
    For example: Project Manager v.1.02.03
    1 – this is a major version.
    02 – this is a minor version.
    03 – this is a build version.

    How often come out are new versions?
    As a rule the new (main) versions come out no frequently than once in 2-3 years.

  • How do I transfer my license to the another computer?

    Select the most suitable transfering type:

    1. Run the “Registration” tool and click the “Move License” button*.
      Choose from the opened window the license used previously.
      The request for the transfering will be automatically sent to the server.
      Your license will be updated immediately. (Only if you are upgrading the license is rare)

    2. Run the “Registration” tool and click “Generate ID-File” button*.
      Login and send the identification file using dashboard.
      During one hour you will receive the new license.


    *Start on the computer, on which you plan use the plugin.
    Please use your permanent e-mail box (same as you use at purchasing).
    You can always restore the password on this page – Restore password.

  • What will be happen with the license key when i reinstall my operating system?

    You can continue using your old license key.
    In case if the old license not will be work you can send a request for the new license.
    Before reinstalling the system or formatting open the Project Manager.
    Select item “Backup settings” in menu “Help” and save all settings for PM on the non system disk.

  • Will can i upgrade my license of “FilePatFinder” (or another) to “Project Manager”?

    Please contact us if you want upgrade you license to “Project Manager”:
    Request for upgrade.

  • Which 3d programs are supported?

    Note: Please use latest updates for your version of 3ds max
    3ds Max Updates & Service Packs
    For plug-in work it is required to Net Framework version 3.5.

  • What’s the difference between the demo and the full version?

    The Demo version allows to work only with limited number of files.
    Demo version limitation

General questions on Using the Project Manager:


  • Opening file dialog causes crash

    When performing opening a scene using file dialog, 3ds Max will crash.

    Applicable to Project Manager, Models Manager and Materials Manager.

    Additional information::
    When the Dell component (Dell Backup and Recovery) is installed, the windows file browser causes one shell extension DLL (DBROverlayIconBackuped) from this component to be loaded into IW process.

    InfraWorks opening file dialog causes crash

    DLL hell with SQLite

    Uninstall “Dell Backup and Recovery” application.

  • Problems with installation or reading/writing setting for plugins or scripts

    When you start a plugin/script or run an installer, an error message references a Temp/User account folder on your machine.

    Applicable to any script/plugin.

    Additional information:
    By default user must have permissions to read/write to directory %USERPROFILE% (“C:\Users\USERNAME”) but sometime this permission can be changed.
    As a result, the user receives an errors when try install new plugins/scripts, or when try to use them.


    1. Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to directory “C:\Users\”
    2. Choose a directory of your current user
    3. Choose the menu item “Properties” from explorer menu.
    4. Go to “Security” tab and set permission for your user like on pictures below

    Related links:
    Startup error references Temp/ space

    How to fix: Unable to create copy/move destination directory

  • Installation and Reception of License Key