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      Sometimes some users receive a message “Unable to create copy/move destination directory…” when trying install scripts.

      Unable to create copy-move destination directory

      As a rule, this issue occurs when a user changed a default directory for the user profile.
      By default a directory of user profile located
      by path “C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\20XXX\ENU“.

      But user can change this path to one directory with 3ds Max installation directory using the “InstallSettings.ini” file.
      But by default, this directory requires administrative privileges.

      So if you changed a default directory then you also must add the capability to users for reading and writing to 3ds Max installation directory.

      For fixing this issue select the 3ds Max installation directory and choose from explorer menu the menu item “Properties” and add the capability “Full control” for all users.User capability

      See another solution here

      Windows 10 troubleshooting (Permissions Issues section).

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