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      Project Manager - Convert and Resize Images. V-Ray 5 support

      Convert & Resize Images

      The new version of Project Manager allows you to convert images into other formats (currently supported JPG, PNG, BMP, TGA and TIF). The list of supported source formats is much longer and includes PSD, EXR, HDR and TX.

      You can also remove the alpha channel, change gamma, and convert the image to grayscale.

      Resize Images using Project Manager

      The image size can also be changed

      Convert & Resize Images using Project Manager

      In the Output path field, you can specify the full or relative path to new files

      In the Output path field, you can specify the full or relative path to new files

      Please note that using a path to a folder already containing some images is not recommended, since in such cases these images can be overwritten.

      In order to avoid overwriting existing files, use the Name Collision parameter.

      Name Collision

      You can update links in the scene when running a tool from the Asset Files tab. In this case, just check the Update Scene Paths box. In this way, for example, you can create a version of a scene with lower resolution textures.

      V-Ray 5, TX image format & PBR support

      The new version also supports V-Ray 5. This means that now, when creating new materials by dragging and dropping images, VrayBitmap is used.
      The TX format is now also supported. When you create PBR materials for V-Ray and Corona, the ambient occlusion map is now taken into account. Fixes some issues with creating PBR material from multiple textures.

      Memory and speed optimizations

      It is now much faster to navigate through category folders (Favorites) containing many files. It is also faster now to change categories for a large number of files in the Favorites dialog box.

      New Features for Project ManagerView Product

      • Adds an ability to convert and resize images
      • Adds support to VRay 5
      • Adds support to TX image format
      • Adds support to ambient occlusion map used with V-Ray and Corona when creating PBR materials from multiple textures
      • Speed-up opening Favorites folder
      • Speeds up opening the "Favorites" dialog
      • Speeds up adding files to Favorites using the "Favorites" dialog
      • Various other memory and speed optimizations
      • Fixes a minor issue with creating PBR materials from multiple textures.
      • Fixes an issue with saving the models selected from a scene as separate files when the "Save Assets" option is off
      • Fixes an issue with saving the materials from a scene to the material library when the "SaveCopy with Bitmaps" option is off.
      • Fixes a bug with opening Mass Rename Tool in versions 3.10.27-3.10.33.
      • Fixes an issue with searching by materials

      Read about the Latest Version

      Related to "Project Manager version 3.11.45"

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      Project manager is a must have to manage assets and presets…
      Many thanks to the team who work everytime to make this tool stronger!


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      Glad to be of service, Vincent!

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