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      Project Manager - PBR materials from multiple bitmaps

      Create PBR materials from bitmaps

      The new version of Project Manager allows you to create PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials simply by dragging several textures simultaneously into the Material Editor or onto an object directly in 3Ds Max.

      This way you will automatically create a material containing the files of your choice. Of course, the textures, in this case, need to be prepared specifically for PBR, which you can either do yourself or pick up some ready-to-use textures for example from CGAxis.

      Here are the currently supported render engines: VRay, Corona, Arnold, Redshift, Octane, and FStorm.


      The toolbar in this version now also has buttons for creating materials from image files. So you can either drag and drop or use the buttons – whatever suits you best! Create PBR Material from bitmaps

      We have also added a feature to change the size of the thumbnails for your assets from the files list by rotating the mouse wheel while pressing the CTRL-key.

      Zoom preview with mouse wheel and CTRL-key


      With Project Manager, you can write scripts expanding the features of the plugin in a way that you specifically need for your tasks. This makes Project Manager incredibly flexible and you can always, if necessary, tailor it to your everyday needs or even to the needs of a particular project.
      API for batch relink is expanded in the new version. “Batch Render&Relink” gains new BatchModes — #RelinkPreSave and #RelinkPostSave.
      You can see an example of using this feature in the “\presets\API\examples\Batch Script” file.
      Using the following script, for example, you can batch archive your scenes with textures. Customers can use this extension to move their projects to the home workplace during the quarantine period.
      The process is very simple. All you need to do is select a folder, set the folder where you want to save the archives too, and in a short while all the archives you need for your work at home or for rendering on the render farm are ready and waiting.

      1. Add files/directories for archiving max files
      2. Specify collect path
      3. Specify search directories
      4. Turn on the option “Batch-Search&Collect”
      5. Turn on the option “Collect files”, Search&Relink… and
        “Fast Mode”
      6. Set attached script as post-open
      7. In the script set desired path for collecting archives at line
        local targetDir = sysinfo.tempdir + “archives”

      Download example script

      Archiving 3Ds Max files with asset in the batch mode

      Have a nice summer, everyone!

      New Features for Project Manager

      • Ability to create PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials when dragging multiple bitmaps. Currently are supported next renderers: VRay, Corona, Arnold, Redshift, Octane and FStorm
      • Adds an ability to change item's preview size in the list using CTRL with mouse wheel
      • Adds buttons to the toolbar on the Textures tab for creating materials from selected bitmaps
      • Adds a new BatchModes to 'Batch Render&Relink' API - #RelinkPreSave, #RelinkPostSave. See an example in file "presetsAPI examplesBatch Script"
      • Fixes an issue with display search result when searching in comments is on
      • Fixes a bug with merging models when Corona Interactive rendering is running
      • Fixes an issue with placing materials to Slate Material Editor when option "Convert file paths to UNC" is turned on
      • Fixes an issue with creating PBR materials from SBSAR files in 3ds Max 2017 and below
      • Fixes an issue with getting information about bitmaps from the cache

      Read about the Latest Version

      Related to "Project Manager version 3.10.27"

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