• Download archive with plugin.
  • Unpack the archive on a hard disk
  • Run the 3ds Max.
  • Drag the .mzp file into the viewport
  • The installation will be automatically started.
  • Follow the instructions on screen for complete the installation.
  • Generate the identification file, if you are the official client and you need a new license.
  • In the 3ds max menu “Customize”>> “Customize User Interface”>> Category “Kstudio” (or “Track” for older versions ) choose the plugin and drag it to the Panel of the Instruments.

Receiving the License Key.

To generate a license file I need to get a identification file for your computer.

Generating the identification file

  • After Payment send the identification file using the dashboard (in this case you receive a license during half hour)
    Also you can send it to e-mail: (it requires a more time for answering – up to 48 hours)
  • Run the 3ds Max.
  • Choose the menu-item “Activation” from 3ds Max menu “Project Manager” or from the plugin menu “Help”.
  • Press the button “Apply Key File”.
  • Choose the license key.
  • It is all!
  • Have a nice day!

Also please see help file:

Registration Dialog

Note:Please use latest updates for your version of 3ds max
3ds Max Updates & Service Packs

Demo version allows to work only with limited number of files.