Get one additional license for free!

Good news for freelancers and small studios – the Free Additional License promotion has been renewed!

We remind to you the condition of the promotion – you can get one additional license for any from Kstudio Plugins for free with the purchase of one or more licenses.

It will also be a small but pleasant bonus for buyers of several dozen licenses.

Offer valid until January 21 Now and Forever!

User can get only one additional license for free – so users who always have additional license can’t get second additional license.
You will get only one license for free, regardless of the number of licenses purchased.
Of course all customers who already have a license (but haven’t additional license) also can take advantage of this offer. Simple buy one or more licenses during the term of this offer.
The additional license will be canceled in case if customer use the refund or combines 2 or more 3d-kstudio accounts into one.

Applicable to:

14 thoughts on “Free Additional License of Kstudio Plugins for 3Ds Max

  1. Genaro Sotomayor says:

    I bought recently the sweep profile plugin and I have my free additional license, exactly how does it work? Can I have the Sweep Profile Baseboard as my free additional license? You said on your advertisement that “I can get one additional license for any from Kstudio Plugins for free”

  2. andres says:

    Hi Alex. Is this offer still available? I want to purchase Project Manager, so I’ll receive an additional one to install on another PC, right?

  3. Marino Muxfeldt says:

    Hi Alexander.

    If I buy 2 licenses I’ll get more 2 for free?
    Buyng 2 licenes the price still US52,50 for each?


    • Alexander Kramer
      Alexander Kramer says:

      Hi Marino.
      You will receive one additional license, regardless to the number of licenses purchased.

      Yes – currently price is $52.50 per license. Usually during the Sales period the volume discounts is not applicable.

      Thanks for your questions and Merry Christmas!

      • christophe says:

        Hi Alex,
        I’d be interested in that too. My understanding is that if I buy one or more license of project manager I get one extra license for free.
        I’m confused by “Of course all customers who already have a Project Manager license (but haven’t additional license) also can take advantage of this offer.”. I already have a bunch of licenses for my team, how does that apply to these existing license?


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