FilePathFinder PRO
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  • Asset tracker Manager for 3ds Max.
  • Find, collect and relink asset files.
  • Archiving 3ds Max scenes
  • Support to all modern renderers.
  • Support to XRefs.
  • Support to any type of resources
    (images, HDR, Proxy, IES, shaders&etc.)
  • Selecting objects or materials by link.
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Product Description

FilepathFinder it is a power tool for working with asset files in 3ds Max.
With FilepathFinder you can easy find, collect and work with asset files.
Utility supports XRefs of all types and processes all XRefs scenes linked to current.
Unlike all other such scripts, it really finds all resources (images, HDR-images, Proxy, IES-files, shaders).
FilePathFinder help you quick select objects in your scene or find desired materials and textures and placed they to Material Editor.
Also with this tool you can easy make a archive a 3ds Max scene.


Additional Information

3ds max compatibility

3ds Max 2010-2017 (x32 & x64)

Supported renderer


Limitation for Demo

Work with limited number of the files. The included tool “Batch Render&Relink” not supports to relink and some files rendered with resolution 100×100 px.

Known Issues:

3ds max 2010 does not correctly work with files and folders that contain non-unicode characters(Russian, Chine).


Asset Tracking

  • Search for missing assets
  • Relink external files
  • Collect external files
  • Archiving a 3ds Max scene
  • Ability to exclude files from collecting by type of file
  • Rename the links by mask
  • Removing links from a scene
  • Ability to collect Asset files via clipboard and drag&drop method
  • Include the “Batch Render&Relink” tool for organize Asset files for 3d Models and Materials Libraries in the batch mode
  • Support to xRef files.
  • Support to almost all known renderers and plug-ins.

Selecting objects, work with materials and textures

  • Selecting the objects by their links to files
  • Displays in interactive mode a list of files linked to selected objects
  • Place Materials and BitmapTextures into the Material Editor
  • ShowHide bitmap in viewport
  • Opening the files into the external application.

Misc Features

  • Autocheck for updates
  • Displays thumbnails for Bitmaps, 3d models, Proxy, IES, Material Libraries and other file-types (include formats HDR, EXR, PSD and other)
  • Various methods of display files in list: by type of files, linked to selected objects, by status, by mask of name
  • Independent from 3dsMax caching of thumbnails
  • The “Batch Render&Relink” tool for rendering the thumbnails for 3ds Max scenes, Material Libraries and IES files
  • Collect the preview thumbnails with source files
  • Unostentatious and “Transparent” the demo-version
  • User-Friendly interface



FilePathFinder PRO Update History

FilePathFinder Pro v.3.55.00

May 12, 2016
  • Updates the studio for rendering previews for materials.
  • Adds an ability for select items by typing them names on the keyboard.
  • Zoom to a map/material after placing it into the Slate Material (3ds Max 2014 and above).
  • Fixes a potential bug with tracking asset files in 3ds Max 2010.
  • Fixes an issue with tracking assets for files opened from the 3ds Max ‘Start-up Template’ dialog.
  • Fixed a bug with updating what occurs on some computers.
  • Fixed a minor issue with sorting items in the listview.
  • Fixed an issue with showing thumbnails in the ‘Confirm replace’ dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with clearing items in listView after closing the ‘Preferences’ dialog.

FilePathFinder Pro v.3.54.00

March 21, 2016
  • Fixed a bug what occurs on some computers when opening the ‘Folder Browser’ dialog.
  • Fixed a bug with rendering preview for 3d models in the 3dsMax 2016 when using custom studio scene.
  • Fixed a bug in the ‘Confirm replace’ dialog.
  • Fixed some other issues.

FilePathFinder Pro v.3.53.00

January 9, 2016
  • Add support to Octane renderer version 2.XX
  • Fixed a bug in the Demo version when a customer try search the asset files.
  • Fixed issues with creating and relinking a Maxwell lights.
  • Fixed a minor issue with updating.
  • Fixed other some minor issues.

FilePathFinder Pro v.3.52.00

August 3, 2015
  • Adds the ability to archiving a 3ds Max scene. (menu "Tools"=>"Archive scene")
  • Fixed a bug with using the plugin with 'Models Manager' and 'Materials Manager'.

FilePathFinder Pro v.3.51.01

July 2, 2015
  • Fixed a bug with "Translate Paths ..." with option "Include output paths".
  • Fixed a bug with relinking asset files with option "Rename File on Hard Drive".
  • Fixed a minor issue with relinking.
  • Fixes some minor interface issues.

FilePathFinder Pro v.3.50.24

June 15, 2015
  • Fixed the issue with keeping the settings of the Target Lights after relinking the ies file.
  • Fixed the bug after using the "Reset Settings" option.
  • Fixed a some minor issues with updating the plugin.
  • Fixed a some minor issues with setting the directory for searching for 'Batch Render&Relink' tool.
  • Fixed a some minor issues with interface in the 'Batch Render&Relink' tool.
  • Fixed an issue with winApi what occurs on some computers
  • Adds ability to set intensity multiplier for rendering of the IES files. [Batch Render&Relink]
  • Fixes the issue with starting on the x32 system.
  • Fixes some issues with generating the preview for HDR, EXR and PSD files.
  • Fixes a potential issues with translating a paths to local\network.

FilePathFinder Pro v.3.50.02

March 30, 2015
  • Increase the size of thumbnails up to 256px
  • Adds the support to Corona renderer
  • Adds the support to Octane renderer
  • Adds support to Maxwell renderer:
  • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell Proxy
  • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxLight
  • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxMesher
  • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxParticles
  • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxVolumetric
  • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell Materials and Maps
  • Add the ability to render the preview as .png with alpha channel.[Batch Render&Relink]
  • Fixed the some issues and bugs when the system use the text with size greater than 100%.
  • Fixed the issue with hiding the Vray VFB window.
  • Fixed the bug with locking the 3ds max hotkeys after opening some menus.
Note: This version is required the new license-key. The update is free! Please send a request for update from dashboard.

FilePathFinder Pro v.3.12.68

September 8, 2013
  • Fixed a bug with rendering preview for 3d models [Batch Render&Relink]
  • Fixed a some issues with gamma when rendering thumbnails [Batch Render&Relink]
  • Fixed a bug with black output when rendering the thumnails for materials with Vray frame buffer [Batch Render&Relink]
  • Fixed a bug with generating the identification file on some computers
  • Fixed some minor issues for folder-browser dialog
  • Fixed some minor issues with interface

FilePathFinder Pro v.3.10.41

July 29, 2013
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with Browse dialog when user have installed AutoCad 2014
  • Fixed a bug with relinking assets in the BatchRender&Relink
  • Fixed some minor issues with interface.

FilePathFinder PRO v.3.9.60

April 16, 2013
  • New features:
  • Adds support to renderer Octane - working with asset files.
  • Adds support to renderer Octane - rendering previews.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixes issue with blocking 3ds max hotkeys after opening menu “File”.
  • Fixes issue with setting a default renderer in Batch Render&Relink.
  • Fixes issue with applying render-preset in Batch Render&Relink.

FilePathFinder PRO v.3.9.15

April 6, 2012
  • New features:
  • Adds ability to reorder Search directories with drag&drop.
  • Adds ability to set Default Renderer for Batch Rendering.
  • Modified features:
  • Display xRefs in tree mode.
  • Merge materials for xRef Objects.
  • Now you can add Custom Dependencies with drag&drop.

FilePathFinder PRO v.3.6.16

  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixes a bug with rendering of 3d models.
  • Fixes a bug with starting the "FilePathFinder PRO" on some computers.

FilePathFinder PRO v.3.6.12

December 23, 2011
  • New features:
  • Displaying embedded to 3ds max files thumbnails.
  • Adds ability to use custom studio for rendering the 3d models and materials.
  • Adds ability to includeexclude models by extension to batch rendering
    (by default is it 3ds Max,VrayProxy, Mental Proxy, 3ds, obj).

  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixes a issue with flipping thumbnails for max and video files.

FilePathFinder PRO v.3.6.02

  • New features:
  • Some changes for Preferences dialog.
  • Modified features:
  • The new improved system of search for asset files.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixes some minor issues for batch render.
FilePathFinder PRO v.3.5.45
  • Fixes issue with hide/freeze Command Panel after relink&collect the asset files.

FilePathFinder PRO v.3.5.40

May 6, 2011
  • Adds support to 3ds Max 2012.
  • Adds support to Substance Textures.
  • Adds ability to render thumbnails for 3ds, fbx, obj, vrmesh(Vray Proxy), mib(Mental Ray Proxy) files.
  • Some changes for Dark theme interface.
  • Fixes issues with memory leaking with render thumbnails.
  • Fixes some minor issues with utility “Batch Render&Relink”
  • Fixes issues with loading render-preset files for render thumbnails.
  • Fixes issues with autosearching asset files for render thumbnails.

FilePathFinder PRO v.3.5.31

March 23, 2011
  • Now a batch render and search , collect and relink the files in batch mode is done via the utility “Batch Render&Relink”.
  • You can change the paths in xRef-files without opening the file (available for max 2010 and above)
  • Adds the ability to translate path to local or network, including the output files.
  • Dark theme.
  • Fixes a bug with render thumbnails for 3ds max 2010&2011.
  • Fixes a bug for 3ds max 2011 when working with Slate Material Editor.
FilePathFinder PRO v3.3.40
  • Increase speed of loading thumbnails.
  • Fixes issues with relinking V-Ray environment maps.
  • Fixes issue occurs on some computers when running utility.
FilePathFinder PRO v3.2.70
  • The Utility "Render Thumbnail" is Updated.
    • Adds the ability to render all materials and textures in the Material Library.
    • Adds the ability to specify size for thumbnails rendering.
    • Adds the ability to use for models rendering the renderer settings from the scene.
    • Adds the ability to use for models rendering active viewport.
    • Adds the ability to specify custom view for models rendering .
    • Fixes the issues for auto detection compatible render-preset for Models Materials and Material Libraries.
    • Now with the utility supplied three render-presets(For Scanline, Mental Ray and Vray), but if you use a different renderer, you can add your own render-preset.
FilePathFinder PRO v3.2.68
  • Fixes issues with Removing Links
FilepathFinder PRO v3.2.64
  • Fixes issues with cancel dialog for 3ds Max 2011 when run collect asset files.
  • Fixed issues with cancelling Collect Files operation.
FilepathFinder PRO v3.2.61
  • Fixes some issues with working in not saved 3ds Max file
  • Fixed a bug with Vray SP5 and above where in the list of texture files were shown Render Output Files

FilepathFinder PRO v3.2.55
  • Fixes a bug at collection the files in version 3.2.53
  • Fixes the issues with collection the files without extensions
  • Adds the ability to check for Updates at Startup the utility
FilepathFinder PRO v3.2.53
  • Fixes a bug at frequent the opening/closing FilePathFinder
FilepathFinder PRO v3.2.50
  • Adds ability to auto fix Texture paths for new merged objects on fly (if possible and needed)
  • Adds "Post-Open Script" Section in Batch Mode
  • Adds hotkey for removing links from scene by Delete-key
  • Fixes some issues with Replacing Objects
  • Fixes some other minor issues
FilepathFinder PRO v3.2.33
  • Adds support for Max 9SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit)
FilepathFinder PRO v3.2.28
  • Adds support for Max 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Adds ability to change path for cache files
  • Some Interface changes
  • Fixes some issues with creating new materials in Max 2011
  • Fixes some minor issues
FilePathFinder PRO v3.2.16
  • Fixes some issues with collecting preview thumbnails
  • Fixes a problem due to a bug in Max 2011 with decimal divider
FilepathFinder v 3.2.12
  • Adds compatibility to Slate Material Editor
  • Adds helper tool for placing objects
  • Adds ability for standard method of drag&drop the files with Shift-key
  • Adds ability to rotate objects clockwise with Control-key and counter clockwise with Alt-key
  • Adds ability to render preview for 3ds max scenes with "Render Preview" tool
  • Adds ability to search, relink and collect files included to the Material Library files
  • Adds ability to collect preview thumbnails with source files
  • Adds ability to remove maps by links from scene
  • Fixes bug for 3ds max 2010 and 2011 versions that arising because of wrong preservation the Custom Dependets Files in these versions of 3ds Max
  • Fixes some issues with dragging material libraries onto objects and into the Material Editor
  • Fixes some issues in 3dsMax 2011 with dragging objects onto viewport
  • Fixes issues when user has installed egzMaterials
  • Fixes issues with the correct designation the texture size when using different System Units and Display Units
FilePathFinder Pro v3.1.40
  • Adds ability to easy drag several 3d models into the scene
  • New convenient methods of merging and placing the objects in the scene
  • Adds ability for adding files to list by drag&drop method
  • Fixes some issues with russian file-names
FilePathFinder Pro v3.1.32
  • Sped up loading of thumbnails
  • Adds ability to collecting files included in IFL
  • Changed the location of the button "Add Files to Project"
FilepathFinder v 3.1.27
  • Adds ability to drag files of materials (".mat") on objects in viewport and into the Material Editor
  • Adds filter for Images and Not-Images Files
  • Fixes issues with speed for Showing Files in List with filter
  • Fixes issue occurs on some computers when running utility

FilepathFinder v 3.1.15

  • DotNet interface
  • Image preview list
  • Image preview for Mental Ray Proxy, Vray Proxy, Ies,Material and xRef (if to them exist preview image)
  • 3 modes to display files - Details, Details with Thumbnails and Thumbnails
  • New methods of collection of files - via clipboard and drag&drop method
  • Ability to add bitmap files, proxy, Ies, materials and other files to the project
  • Ability to create new materials
  • Creating Multimaterial with dragging of several images
  • Texturing of objects and subobjects
  • Ability to change setting for texture before or after the creating of material
  • New Render Preview Tool
  • Fixes issues with retargeting of Custom Dependents in Asset Tracking
  • Object selection has been accelerated (up to 100 times!)
  • "Transparent" demo-version
FilepathFinder v2.5.40
  • Adds "Show in Viewport" function
  • Adds shortcut "Resolve All Files with Status #Found" by F3-key
  • Adds shortcut "Set Path" by F6-key
  • Adds dynamic displaying in the list "External Files" at input of a mask of a required file in the field "Find"
  • Fixes issues with conteiner files in 3ds Max 2010 without "Deep Relink" function
FilepathFinder v2.5.08
  • Fixes issues with retarget files speed
  • Fixes issues with "Image view" mode
FilepathFinder v2.5.00
  • Adds "Batch Mode" for external files over many Max files correction
  • Adds an ability to collect external files from many Max files with the "Batch Mode"
  • In "Batch Mode" User can:
  • -To collect files into the same with the Max file folder
  • -To collect external files into the Max file subfolder
  • -To collect external files into one folder
  • -To collect external files into subfolder named as Max file
  • Fixes some interface issues
  • Fixes some issues with the demo version
FilepathFinder v2.4.58
  • Removes some restrictions from the demo version.
  • Fixes issues with the updating of external files when adding xRef and when "Refresh at Start" is off.
  • Adds ability to work with unsaved max file.
FilepathFinder v2.4.54
  • Correction for copying the animated MentalRay Proxy files.
  • Now preview are copied together with MentalRay Proxy files.
FilepathFinder v2.4.50
  • FilePathFinder settings are now saved when installing new versions.
  • Adds shortcut "Edit bitmap" by F4-key
  • Adds «Make Report» function.
  • *Adds «Deep relink» function.
  • *Notes
  • By default «Deep Relink» function is off.
  • Use «Deep relink» function only if the standard method of the path to your files not relinking.
  • This method is somewhat slower.
  • If you still have to use «Deep relink» function, please create and send the developer a report about your problem.
FilepathFinder v2.4.25
  • Adds "View Files-List by Selection" filter
  • Fixes same interface issues
FilepathFinder v2.4.16
  • Adds "View Files-List by Filetype" filter
  • Adds "Check for Update" function
FilepathFinder v2.3.8
  • Selection of objects is accelerated (max selection time 5 sec. Tested on scene with 35 000 objects)
FilepathFinder v2.3.65
  • Fixes a finding of textures and a select of objects on textures containing in objects.
  • Selection of objects is accelerated
  • Rename filename by F2-key (shortcut only)
  • Rename filepath + filename by ctrl+F2 (shortcut and menu)
FilepathFinder v2.3.2
  • Adds Image Preview for bitmaps
  • Fixes Image preview
  • Fixes Resize "File Collector" rollout by height
  • Adds "Check up files with invalid paths" function for external scene files
FilepathFinder v2.2.4
  • Adds "Duplicate compare" dialog for "Copy to" menuitem
  • Fix save/restore Selection files in Files-List
FilepathFinder v2.2.0
  • Change multiply files in "Browse" menu
  • Open selected bitmaps in your editor (set-select for program in submenu)
  • Resize "File Collector" rollout by height
FilepathFinder v2.1.0
  • Fixes an error when starting in Max 2008
  • Adds 'Place to Material Editor' function
  • Adds full refresh for external scene files by CTRL+Clicking on the 'Refresh' button


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