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    Jared Hopkins
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      Hi there! Trying to render out a ton of thumbnails for various 3D retail fixtures that I’ve been working on, and I’d like them to all be relative in size to one another (small table-top fixture should appear smaller than a large floor fixture, etc.)

      I’ve got a custom studio set up with a SceneDummy object and the camera that I need and I was hoping that un-checking the “Fit view” and “Fit to Dummy” checkboxes would just use the camera and scene as-is without scaling anything or fitting it to the view, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The “Fit View” checkbox seems to be working as intended, but “Fit to Dummy” doesn’t seem to work – it behaves as if it’s always checked and all of my objects get scaled to fit the SceneDummy object before rendering.

      This behavior can be duplicated using the “sample_studio.max” file that’s provided by the plugin.

      Any help or insight into the issue would be much appreciated.


    Plugin version: 3.17.46
    3ds Max version: 2021.3
    Renderer: Vray 5 update 1.2

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