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      Project Manager version 3

      Project Manager - 3rd version with a lot of innovations

      Upgrade to 3rd version

      Customers of 2nd version can upgrade to 3rd version from the dashboard.
      Upgrade to 3rd version
      Cost of upgrading to the 3rd version is only $30 per license.
      The offer is valid until December 1st.
      After upgrading download the 3rd version, generate new id files and update your license keys.

      New Features for Project Manager

      • Move Favorites to separate panel
      • Now Favorites can contain any type of assets including materials
      • Material libraries can be stored in virtual directories such as Catalogs and Favorites
      • Customer can hide directories from tree-view by a full path, by name or mask using the symbol "*"
      • Ability to select multiple directories *
      • Ability to specify the Color for folders
      • Auto-update opened directory when changing files outside Project Manager.
      • Interactive synchronization of the folder tree when working in team mode.
      • Ability to link files with each other (just drag and drop file(s) onto an item **)
      • Ability to set your own previews to the items (drag the preview onto an item and set it as first in the gallery ***)
      • Drag&Drop items to 3ds Max directly from Gallery
      • Ability to link multiple different files with materials
      • Ability to store materials in the favorites
      • Supports to comments
      Batch Rendering
      • Setup multiple custom studios for rendering 3d models and material libraries
      • Rendered images are automatically added to Gallery.
      Status bar
      • Display additional information about a selected file in the status bar
      • Now you can open the asset management form for max files and material libraries directly from the status bar
      • Ability to delete the file from the categories directly from the status bar
      • Customers can specify a path to Proxy. He can be full or relative. (see Preferences dialog )
      • Files that are converted to Proxy now automatically linked to a source file and added to his gallery
      • ArchVision RPC animation preview
      • Play animation preview for video files
      • Ability to store file-type filters for directories in the “Textures” category
      • “HDRI” category moved to the “Textures” category
      • Ability to view any kind of asset in a separate window ( Find related option in the menu or use the hotkey SPACEBAR )
      • Ability to mass-rename files and external links on the Asset Files tab. ( menu Tools => Mass Rename Tool )
      • User comments to files are now stored in the database (and also in the files themselves, that supports to store comments )
      • Address box with advanced navigation capabilities like Windows Explorer
      Updating from 2nd version
      • Ability to Convert Descriptions and Tags for 3d Models from version 2 in batch mode ( find this option in the main 3ds Max menu “Project Manager v3”)
      * For now, this feature can only be used to specify the color of folders and enable displaying files in subdirectories for several folders at once. In the next versions, the functionality of working with several folders will be extended.
      ** materials also supported
      *** Use drag&drop for changing the order for items in the gallery

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      Where can I find the updated manual for version 3 ?

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      Alexander KramerAlexander KramerModerator
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        The manual has not yet been updated.
        But I hope this article can assist you.

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      I tried Project Manager 3- demo version and have some question and issues, can you explain?

      1/ Why it’s take much longer time to assign material from PM window to selected object, compare with Max material editor? (with me, it is 3-10 seconds sometime more to finish!)

      2/Can not Undo after assigning material

      3/I can’t see lot of functions listed above. Because of demo version?

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      Alexander KramerAlexander KramerModerator
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        much longer time to assign material from PM

        Maybe these materials contain a lot of missing maps. Check this. You can resolve this using Batch Render&Relink (full version ).

        Can not Undo after assigning material

        Yes – some operations don’t allowed for undo.

        I can’t see lot of functions listed above

        The demo version contains all functions but some from them have limitations. What functions do you mean?

        Thanks for your questions.

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