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      Project Manager v3.07.75. New design for default Material Studio

      New Features for Project Manager

      • Adds support to the latest version of Octane
      • Adds support to the latest version of Redshift
      • Updates design for default Material Studio
      • Updates supported version of .NET Framework to version 4.5.2
      • Current version extends supported versions of MySQL Server from 5.7.28 to 8.0 version
      • Hidden objects categories remain as hidden when merging objects which categories are hidden
      • Adds a new API mode "BeforeOpen" for Batch Render&Relink
      • Adds an ability to migrate MySQL databases from SQL backup files for Models and Materials Managers
      • Fixes an issue with relinking material libraries in batch mode [Batch Render&Relink]
      • Fixes an issue with restoring MySQL database from SQL files for 2nd version
      • Fixes some issues with generating a preview for SBSAR files
      • Fixes some potential issues with colorizing nodes
      • Fixes a bug with starting plugin on some computers
      • Fixes some issues with refreshing a treeview in the team-work mode
      • Fixes a bug with opening the dialog "Render Thumbnail Preferences" in 3ds Max 2016 and below
      • Fixes some issues with rendering previews
      • Fixes some minor issues with user interface
      • Fixes a bug with saving materials to Material Library in 3ds Max 2017 and below
      • Fixes some important issues with plugin's settings
      • Fixes an issue with the option "Use Delete Key"
      • Fixes some minor issues with installation
      • Fixes an issue with selecting multiple nodes in tree
      • Fixes an issue with generating PDF
      • Fixes a bug with backup settings

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