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      Template Materials with VRayHDRI & Relocate Paths in Database

      Template Materials with VRayHDRI

      Project Manager already has the capability to create your own sample material and set the default settings – for example, reflection, glossiness and set the texture type with desired default parameters.
      And in this version, plug-in gains support to use VRayHDRI in template material.

      Relocate Paths in Database

      Also if you change the path to your assets on HDD outside Project Manager you can easily re-link them at once in the database using the “Convert Paths” tool.
      You can find “Convert Paths” tool in the dialog Preferences => Database => Convert Paths.
      Also using this tool you can convert all paths to Network or to Local.

      New Features for Project Manager

      • Adds an ability to use VRayHDRI in template materials
      • Adds an ability to mass change paths in Database ( dialog Preferences => Database => Convert Paths )
      • Fixes an issue with interactive rendering some 3d files with textures in a separate window
      • Fixes an issue with setup correct proportion for bitmapTexturemaps when the option "Use Real World" is disabled
      • Fixes some issues with spinners when using the option "Use Real World"
      • Fixes compatibility with standard function for creating/assigning camera to an active perspective view
      • Fixes a bug with resetting settings in some situations
      • Fixes a bug with compatibility with the latest version of VP Materials Manager
      • Fixes an issue with displaying files in the subdirectories
      • Fixes an issue when comments for materials didn't save in some situations
      • Fixes some other issues relate to materials

      Related to "Project Manager version 3.07.91"

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