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      Asset Library - Auto-Assign Preview & Selection multiple directories

      Work with multiple directories

      The new version of Asset Library Browser gains features for managing multiple directories at once. Now, the user can drag & drop several directories at once.
      Also, you can cut, copy remove, hide multiple directories.
      To select multiple directories, use CTRL-key to add folders by one or SHIFT to select several folders at once.

      Drag&Drop Multiple Directories at once in Asset Library Browser

      Auto-Assign Preview

      Project Manager by default uses the embedded preview or the image with the same filename that is next to the file as a model’s preview. The new version has the enhanced ability to auto-assign previews even if the preview files are in different directories.
      Also, you can specify the AVI, TIF, GIF or custom file type for use as a preview for model or material.

      You can assign a preview to the selected files or materials, as well as process all files in selected directories and subdirectories.

      Auto-assign previews to selected materials
      Auto-assign previews to selected files
      Auto-assign previews to materials in selected material libraries.

      You can specify directories to search for previews, set a filter for directories and choose whether to consider the suffix for preview files. In the “Extensions” section, you can choose file-types to use as previews or add your own.

      Jamie Cardoso has prepared a short video for you about the new features of Project Manager.

      Other improvement and bug fixes

      The problem with merging animated models using standard 3Ds Max dialog (menu ‘Merge’ => ‘Merge with Default 3Ds Max Dialog’) is also fixed. Fixed an issue with pivot when merging 3d model as a proxy. Optimized work with the database.
      You can see the full list of changes in the list below.
      Enjoy using and thank you for ideas and support in the development of the plugin!

      New Features for Project Manager

      • Adds an ability to Auto-Assign Preview for selected items or files in selected directories.
      • Extends capability for directories multi-selection - now customers can remove, hide, drag and etc for several directories at once
      • Speed-up changing paths in the database when convert paths to local or network from the "Preferences" dialog
      • Speed-up for searching in DataBase
      • Fixes a bug when searching for comments
      • Fixes an issue with pivot when merging as a proxy
      • Fixes an issue when preview for materials didn't show on some computers
      • Fixes some other issues with materials what occurs on some computers
      • Fixes an issue with slow rename/copy files and directories what occurs on some computers
      • Fixes an issue in version 3.07.91 when renaming files and directories on some computers
      • Fixes issues when merging animated model using standard 3Ds Max dialog ( menu 'Merge' => 'Merge with Default 3Ds Max Dialog' )
      • Fixes an issue with saving materials with modifiers from selected objects when using drag&drop method
      • Fixes a potential issue when rendering materials from Favorites
      • Fixes some other issues

      Read about the Latest Version

      Related to "Project Manager version 3.08.25"

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    Torri Walter
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      Thanks Alex this version is fantastic !
      that’s what I’ve been waiting for for a long time.
      a great gift.

      Best regards.

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      Thanks, Torri.

      Your ideas and opinion are valuable and useful in development!

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