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      This version is 3.9.60 yet the date of your post is 2013 ???

      Yet, because there is no way to know what version is being downloaded (in the download – there is no version number) we can only guess ??

      Also, I just tried installing this version into 3DS Max 2017 (I had version 3.56.22) and after installation I still have 3.56.22….

      So, I am more confused !

      The timestamps on the FilePathFinderPro.mzp for v.3.90.60 is 12/08/2016 and for V3.56.22 is 01/07/16 – so something hasn’t worked properly ?

      PS – it’d be nice to receive an email to tell us that a newer version of a plugin has been released :)

      Many thanks.


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      Latest version of FilePathFinder Pro is 3.56.22.

      From version 3.10.41 i was start use common principle of versioning.

      I’m posting only about for significant changes.

      Turn on the option “Check for updates” in preferences for receiving information about new releases.

      Preferences - check for updates

      Thanks for your question.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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