Quite often, my colleagues were have a problem of hang or crash when rendering from 3ds Max with Vray.
Almost always solve the problem is fairly simple.
First, if you work with 3d graphics, work on 64 bit system simply required.

Because, unlike 32-bit system, the 64 bit OS works with virtually unlimited memory.
(32-bit works with a maximum of 1.6 gigabytes of memory)
Using Vista is not recommended.
Use the WinXP 64 bit or Server 2003 64 bit.
With 64 bit OS use the 3ds Max 64 bit.

If the scene continues to crash then continue.

Usually the cause of crash is one (or then all) of the following errors:

    1. Objects without UVW-mapping .
    2. Objects without material.
    3. Objects with no Vray materials.
    4. Geometry without polygons.
    5. Objects with an incorrect geometry.
    6. Scene is to far away from origin.

By the way, most problems can see in the Vray log.

First step – merge your scene into a new file.
If necessary move all objects closer to the center of coordinates.

To ensure that select all objects, even if they are hidden, press F11
and in the window
Enter a string
select $ *
select the line and press SHIFT + ENTER.
All objects will be selected.
Move all objects closer to the center of coordinates.

Run script FixUtilities
FixUtilities script

    1. Select the objects without UVW-mapping using the button “Missing UVW”
    Assign UVW-mapping modifier on them all.
    2. Select the objects without materials using the button “Missing Material”
    Assign Vray material on them all.
    3.Find in the list of materials not Vray materials and
    replace them with the Vray material.
    4. Select all Geometry without polygons with button “Select empty objects” and
    delete them.
    5. Close FixUtilities and render your the scene!

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  1. Architectural Rendering says:

    Thanks for this share. This script will help for those working in 3D architecture rendering field. I am using 32bit xp SP3 , will there be any problem in getting the expected results after the installation of this in my pc ?

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