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      Batch Rename Materials

      That update of Project Manager gains the ability to rename materials in batch using Advanced Asset Renamer.
      In a couple of clicks, you can rename the material by the mask in the most convenient way for you.
      Find it in the menu “Tools” => “Mass Rename”, or select multiple materials and press hotkey F2.

      Project Manager 3.15.78 - Batch rename Materials.Other speed and optimization improvements


      The new version simplifies the activation of the plugin for new customers.
      Now, after the purchase, the product activation keys are sent to the user within a few minutes.

      Email with product activation keys

      You just need to insert the Activation key received in the letter and click “Apply”

      Activate plugin

      Note: Internet connection is required to use activation keys
      Before activation, do not forget to install the full version of the plugin (the title shouldn’t contain the word Demo)

      Project Manager Demo


      An issue with creating material by dragging bitmap to Multi-Material was fixed.
      Fixed an issue that prevented adding comments and assigning categories to materials.
      Also, the issues with relinking OSLMap, interactive rendering of 3D files on some computers, and colorizing sub-directories are fixed
      And other improvements will wait for you in the new Project Manager version.

      You can see the full list of changes and fixes below.

      New Features for Project ManagerView Product

      • Adds an ability to batch rename Materials
      • Allows to setup desired view for studios without a camera on rendering previews for models
      • Adds support to MySQL databases that installed on Linux
      • Some optimizations on plugin activation
      • Fixes an issue with creating material on dragging bitmap to Multi-Material
      • Fixes an issue with adding comments and assign Categories to materials
      • Fixes an issue with interactive rendering 3D files on some computers
      • Fixes an issue with display Gallery icons in some cases
      • Fixes an issue with relinking OSLMap
      • Fixes an issue with slow opening right-menu on the Asset Tracking tab in some scenes
      • Fixes some minor issues with assigning maps to Environment
      • Fixes some minor issues on selecting multiply directories
      • Fixes an issue with moving Categories to top level
      • Fixes a bug in the API method "KstudioManagerCategory.GetNodes()"
      • Fixes an issue with refreshing assets after relink in version 3.15.55-3.15.70
      • Fixes an issue with colorizing sub-directories
      • Fixes an issue with running the plugin on some computers
      • Fixes other some minor issues

      Read about the Latest Version

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