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      Project Manager 3.17.26 - Batch Archive 3Ds Max files and Material Libraries.Extremely speeds-up opening directories

      Batch Archiving

      The new version of Project Manager allows you to batch-archive 3ds Max files and Material Libraries with all assets.

      This is an extremely useful feature for backing up your projects and models, transferring data to another location or rendering on a farm, such as RebusFarm.

      Just add a folder (folders) or some 3ds Max files or a material library, specify the folder where you want the data stored, and shortly you will have all the archives ready.

      1. Add files/directories for archiving 3d files with assets
      2. Specify the path to store archives (supports full and relative paths)
      3. Turn on the Batch Asset Tracking option
      4. Turn on the Search&Relink option (optionally)
      5. Turn on the Fast Mode (recommended, optionally)
      6. Run the process by pressing the START button
      Batch Archive 3ds Max files and Material Libraries with all assets

      The archives will, of course, contain the source files for the scenes and materials. When opening a scene from the archive on another computer, all links will remain valid, because the links during archiving are made using relative paths.

      Before archiving, you can use Search&Relink option to search for missing links, if necessary.

      Batch Render&Relink- Search&Relink

      For the target folder, you can specify both full and relative paths. For the latter, use <FilePath> and <FileName> masks.

      Batch Archive - Full & Relative paths

      PS. Previously, this feature was only available with the API extension.

      Animated FBX models

      The new version of Project Manager supports animated FBX models preview.

      This feature is experimental and some animated models may display incorrect mesh animations

      Work with multiple directories

      From version 3 onward, Project Manager supports simultaneous work with multiple folders.
      The new version adds an option to copy and drag several folders at a time.
      Also, such commands as Move to Top Level, Move Above, Move Below are now applicable to several folders simultaneously.
      Other commands that can now be used for multiple folders include Convert to Catalog, Copy/Cut, Delete, Remove, Hide, Add to Batch Render&Relink, and Auto Assign Preview.

      You can also turn on the Show Files in Subfolders mode and Set Colors for several selected directories.

      Project Manager - Set Color
      Asset Browser - Work with multiple directories

      Performance optimizations and speed improvements

      It is now much faster to navigate through folders and view search results and files in subfolders (Show Files in Subfolders option).
      The new version brings faster caching of JPG and PNG files and better supports long paths of 256 characters or more.
      When dragging and dropping a material on multiple selected nodes, the Assign Material dialog box is now displayed.

      Assign Material dialog

      Other fixed issues

      The new version also fixes the issues with searching assets in Categories, displaying the embedded thumbnails for Revit, SketchUp and some other 3d formats, displaying Substance SBSAR file previews, and assigning HDRs to light by dragging them to the viewport.

      For the entire changelog for this version, see the list below.

      New Features for Project ManagerView Product

      • Drastically speeds up opening directories
      • Speeds up file search
      • Speeds up showing files from sub-folders
      • Batch-archives 3ds Max files and material libraries with assets [Batch Render&Relink]
      • Adds an ability to paste and drag&drop multiple directories
      • Move to Top Level command now supports multiple directories
      • Move Above/Below command now supports multiple directories
      • Adds support to animated FBX models (experimental)
      • Speeds up caching JPG and PNG images
      • Displays Assign Material dialog box when dragging and dropping a material onto multiple selected nodes
      • Adds partial support to paths longer than 256 characters
      • Adds a new API callback — #PreProcess [Batch Render&Relink]
      • Fixes an issue with searching assets in Categories
      • Fixes an issue with converting 3d models to Final Render proxy
      • Fixes a minor issue with merging some 3ds Max files
      • Fixes an issue with displaying embedded thumbnails for Revit, SketchUp, and some other 3d formats
      • Fixes an issue with previewing of Substance SBSAR files
      • Fixes a bug that caused 3ds Max to crash when trying to render corrupted IES photometric files
      • Fixes an issue with assigning HDRs to light by dragging them to the viewport
      • Fixes an issue with renaming links to xRef scenes using Advanced Asset Renamer
      • Fixes a bug during relinking and collecting assets
      • Fixes an issue with relinking paths longer than 256 characters
      • Fixes an issue with opening a preview window for files using UNC path
      • Fixes some minor interface issues
      • Performance optimizations and speed improvements

      Read about the Latest Version

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