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      Batch Render&Relink v.1.63.98

      • Speeds up the relinking of asset files approximately in 7 times!
      • Adds support to 3ds Max 2019
      • Display progress bar when Copy and Relink assets
      • Adds capability to render using Maxwell Renderer
      • Uses Real World and mapChannel settings from materials when rendering preview for materials.*
      • More accuracy find compatible renderer by material
      • Simplifying Deployment. New capability for installation plugin and creation the identification files in silent mode.
      • Fixes a minor issue with relinking background images
      • Fixes a bug with crashing the plugin in scenes which contains VRayOSLTex and VRayGLSLTex textureMaps
      • Fixes an issue with using Vray Frame Buffer for rendering thumbnails in Vray Next.
      • Fixes a potential issue with generating bug-reports.
      • Fixes some potential issues with compatibility with other 3ds Max plugins.
      • Fixes a bug whith rendering some 3d models.
      • Fixes a logical mistake in using variables “FilePath” and “FileName”
      • Fixes a bug when rendering preview works very slowly when Vray material contains displacement
      • Fixes a bug with applying the license key

      * Avalable only with default material’s studio

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.63.24

      • New default render-presets. Adds default presets to Final Render, Octane, Redshift, Fstorm and Arnold renderers
      • Adds an ability to rendering previews using Vray Frame Buffer ( available for Vray 3.20.02 and above )
      • Changes for API: The ‘PostScriptInfo’ is deprecated. For details see a file “BatchRendering Script” in ‘presets’ directory
      • More accurate fitting of objects to the view when rendering previews
      • Adds an option “Fit to Dummy” to render setting
      • Fixes an issue with set custom view for rendering previews defined into drop-down “View”
      • Fixes a bug in FStorm Render when 3Ds Max crashed on trying to access Bitmap FStorm properties
      • Fixes a bug with crashing the 3Ds Max if studio doesn’t contain the ‘SceneDummy’ object
      • Fixes an issue with very slow relinking of materials in Corona 1.7
      • Fixes an issue with scaling objects on rendering a preview when an option “Fit view to nodes” turned off
      • Fixes some minor issues
      • Fixes an issue with using a full and demo version of different Kstudio’s plugins at same time
      • Fixes a compatibility with plugins which use a old version of NLog library
      • Fixes a bug when in some situations window not drawn properly
      • Fixes an issue for version 1.60.21 with fitting a camera view to nodes when camera has invalid target
      • Fixes the issue with rendering preview for .BIP and .BVH files
      • Fixes the issue with rendering preview when using the custom studio with VRayPhysical camera
      • Fixes the issue with opening VrMat files with #Found status
      • Fixes the issue with found compatible renderer for some materials
      • Fixes some minor issues with rendering previews
      • Fixes some minor issues
      • Fixes an issue with using the render settings from scene/studio
      • Other some changes and speed improvements
      • Supports only to x64-bit system

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.60.10

      • Redesign the interface.
      • Updates for Unique Asset Tracking System
      • Adds support to different screen dpi settings
      • Adds the ability to rendering previews for models using all cameras present in rendered scene.
      • Fixes an issues with rendering previews: now studio scaled to nodes instead previously used method for scaling nodes for fitting to studio.
      • Adds a new property to ‘Batch Render&Relink’ API – BatchMode (return the string Unknown, BeforeRender, Render, Relink, Test).
      • New method for API: PostScriptInfo.FitCameraFov .*
      • Fixes an issue with auto detecting the Corona as default renderer for materials and scenes
      • Fixed a bug when working with Assets whose name begins with the symbol “$” ( Error message: “$directory not recognized”)
      • Fixes a bug with relinking when path contains invalid characters.
      • Fixes an issue with stopping batch mode with message dialog about read-only files.
      • Fixes a minor issue with rendering models.
      • Adds an ability to relink links to files used in .vrmat files.
      • Adds an ability to rendering preview for materials used in .vrmat files.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.54.00

      • Updates the studio for rendering previews for materials.
      • Fixes a potential bug with tracking asset files in 3ds Max 2010.
      • Fixed a bug with updating what occurs on some computers.
      • Fixed another bug with opening the ‘Folder Browser’ dialog what occurs on some computers.
      • Fixed an issue with showing thumbnails in the ‘Confirm replace’ dialog.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.53.00

      • Add support to Octane renderer version 2.XX
      • Fixed issues with relinking Maxwell lights.
      • Fixed a bug in the ‘Confirm replace’ dialog.
      • Fixed a bug what occurs on some computers when opening the ‘Folder Browser’ dialog.
      • Fixed a bug with rendering preview for 3d models in the 3dsMax 2016 when using custom studio scene.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.51.30

      • Simplify the ability to add files to list.
      • Now the license key immediately updated and apply*.
      • Adds support to relink and rendering thumbnails for Indigo Mesh object.
      • Fixed a bug with using the plugin with ‘Models Manager’ and ‘Materials Manager’.
      • Fixed a bug when applying the license key from menu of the plugin.
      • Fixed a minor issue with saving the settings for render-presets.
      • Fixed a minor issue with updating.

      * Customer must use the button ‘Move license’ and of course must have a valid license file.
      A request must be send from  3ds Max.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.51.17

      • Fixed the issue with keeping the settings of the Target Lights after relinking the ies file.
      • Fixed a some minor issues with setting the directory for searching.
      • Fixed a some minor issues with updating the plugin.
      • Fixed an issue with winApi what occurs on some computers.
      • Adds ability to set intensity multiplier for rendering of the IES files.
      • Fixes the issue with starting on the x32 system.
      • Fixed a some issues with setting the custom gamma for rendering thumbnails.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.51.00

      • Adds support to Maxwell renderer:
      • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell Proxy
      • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxLight
      • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxMesher
      • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxParticles
      • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell MxVolumetric
      • Search\Collect\Relink for Maxwell Materials and Maps
      • Add support to IES_Texture for Octane renderer
      • Fixed the issue with rendering the preview for Proxy

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.50.70

      • Fixed the potential issues with relinking the models and materials.
      • Fixed the some issues with interface.
      • Fixed the some minor issues with checking for update the utility.
      • Fixed the issue with setting the size of thumbnails when rendering the preview.
      • Fixed the some issues when the system use the text with size greater than 100%.
      • Fixed the conflict with unknown plug-in.
      • Fixed the issue with hiding the Vray VFB window.
      • Fixed a some minor issues.
      • Update the help.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.50.50

      • Add the ability to render the preview as .png with alpha channel.
      • Fixed a some minor issues.

      This version is requires the new license-key.
      The updating is free.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.44.58

      • Fixed a bug with rendering preview for 3d models
      • Fixed a some issues with gamma when rendering the thumbnails
      • Fixed a bug with black output when rendering the thumnails for materials with Vray frame buffer
      • Fixed a bug with generating the identification file on some computers
      • Fixed some minor issues for folder-browser dialog
      • Fixed some minor issues with interface

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.43.40

      • Bug fixes:
      • Fixed a bug with Browse dialog when user have installed AutoCad 2014
      • Fixed a bug with relinking assets
      • Fixed some minor issues with interface.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.43.00

      • New features:
      • Adds support to VRayBmpFilter textureMap.
      • Bug fixes:
      • Fixes a bug with rendering thumbnails in batch mode.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.42.31

      • Bug fixes:
      • Fixes issue with long time of running utility when auto-check for updates is on.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.42.30

      • New features:
      • Adds support to renderer Octane – relink asset files.
      • Adds support to renderer Octane – rendering previews.
      • Bug fixes:
      • Fixes issue with setting a default renderer.
      • Fixes issue with applying render-preset.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.42.21

      • Bug fixes:
      • Fixed some minor issues.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.42.19

      • Bug fixes:
      • Fixed issues with read / write settings in the 3ds max 2013.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.42.15

      • Bug fixes:
      • Fixes issue with relink Asset files into scenes with ies lights.

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.42.12

      • Fixed some errors occurring after updating the 3ds max 2013(Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 Product Update 2)

      Batch Render&Relink v.1.42.11

      • Bug fixes:
      • Fixes a bug with memory leaking when search files .

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