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      Batch Render&Relink v.2.00.55 - Batch Archive 3Ds Max files and Material Libraries

      Batch Archiving

      The new version of Batch Render&Relink gains the ability to batch-archive 3ds Max files and Material Libraries with all assets.

      This is an extremely useful feature for backing up your projects and models, transferring data to another location or rendering on a render-farms.

      Just add a folder (folders) or some 3ds Max files or a material library, specify the folder where you want the data stored, and shortly you will have all the archives ready.

      1. Add files/directories for archiving 3d files with assets
      2. Specify the path to store archives (supports full and relative paths)
      3. Turn on the Batch Asset Tracking option
      4. Turn on the Search&Relink option (optionally)
      5. Turn on the Fast Mode (recommended, optionally)
      6. Run the process by pressing the START button
      Batch Archive 3ds Max files and Material Libraries with all assets

      The archives will, of course, contain the source files for the scenes and materials. When opening a scene from the archive on another computer, all links will remain valid, because the links during archiving are made using relative paths.

      Before archiving, you can use Search&Relink option to search for missing links, if necessary.

      Batch Render&Relink- Search&Relink

      For the target folder, you can specify both full and relative paths. For the latter, use <FilePath> and <FileName> masks.

      Batch Archive - Full & Relative paths

      New Features & Fixes for Batch Render&Relink

      • Adds support to batch archive MAX files and Material libraries with assets
      • Adds partially support to paths longer than 256 characters
      • Allows to setup desired view for studios without camera
      • Adds new API callback - #PreProcess
      • Fixes an issue with relinking OSLMap
      • Fixes a bug setting path for links contained illegal characters

      Read about the Latest Version

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