Photorealism category

This category is dedicated to those who get inspired by the world and objects around. Though you might think copying reality is easier than creating something from scratch, hold on – the artwork submitted for the category proves the mastery of artists. In recreating real world, you cannot cheat details, so we invite you to see the winners of photorealism category of CGTrader Awards 2017.

The 3rd place goes to Daniel Mozbäuchel and his Casette. Doesn’t it make you feel you are back in the 90s?

Daniel Mozbäuchel and his Casette

The 2nd place is awarded to Bottles of life by Farid Ghanbari from the United States. The mediterranean feel for this still life revives the best summer memories and looks just like a perfect countryside picture, and that is the goal of photorealistic images

 Bottles of life by Farid Ghanbari

The winner of the photorealism category is Mr Ladybird created by Denis Bodart. Denis dived deep into the world of animals showing us the magical look of a ladybird. Have you ever seen the ladybird that close?

 Mr Ladybird created by Denis Bodart

Character category

Less realistic, but no less impressive Fox World by Lucas Souza wins the 3rd place in Character category. Bright active colors bring positivity and warmth of this mystical Fox World that would appeal to every kid, even more so – the details and atmosphere created should impress any CG professional.

 Fox World by Lucas Souza

The image of Sir Ian Mckellen brought Noel Que from Canada the 2nd place in the Sini Software sponsored character category. English actor Ian Mckellen has won a number of nominations over his career of over 50 years and now it seems he is bringing some good karma to Noel. Congrats, and we wish this is not your last award for great CG art!

 Sir Ian Mckellen by Noel Que

The 1st place goes to The Joker – dark, scary, but at the same time extremely powerful CG image one cannot stop staring at. Duc Nguyen from France provides so many details in the face making the joker feel like an imaginary character just got into the real world.

The Joker by Duc Nguyen

Environment/scene category

The artworks in environment category look like real places all over the world: the photorealism of the CG images make you believe you could just take a plane and land in a countryside in some mountain region, some abandoned city or paradise with crystal clear waters, but do these places really exist? This will likely remain unknown, but we invite you to the journey anyway with the three category winners.

Waiting for you by Konstantinos Anninos, the 3rd place winning entry, invites you to the misty mountains for a calm weekend to think, breath the fresh air and just enjoy the magnificence of the wild nature.

Waiting for you by Konstantinos Anninos

The 2nd place is awarded to Water Mill by Aleksey Serebryakov, which might not be fully realistic, but could totally make a scene of Hobbit. And we surely don’t mind a bit of magic in our lives.

 Water Mill by Aleksey Serebryakov

The voting of our experienced jury raised Swimming Pool by Léandre Hounnaké to the top, bringing Leandre the 1st place in the category and amazing prizes by CGTrader and partners. The render of the swimming pool reminds photos one can see taken in Chernobyl area, evoking strong feelings, sadness and thoughtfulness.

 Swimming Pool by Léandre Hounnaké

Cartoon category

Stepping aside from all the real world replicas, let’s now take a closer look at artists who create characters, scenes and other elements for cartoons, and maybe we can find inspiration for a world-class story…

The 3rd place is awarded to Sports Girl by Josu Martin, who put his skills into work to create both a unique character and the environment that helps to convey the theme.

 Sports Girl by Josu Martin

Keiran Slater-Cox submitted Red Archer – Towerfall for CGTrader awards, and this was a great choice. The jury decided to award this artwork the 2nd place, and we truly believe it deserves this acknowledgment: just take a look at this masterpiece?

Keiran Slater-Cox submitted Red Archer - Towerfall

As much as we hate to see such an adorable octopus in Sick sad world! being miserable, we cannot resist its great artistic value and amazing job done by Pierrick Grillet. Take a look at those deep eyes, such emotions and depth are hard to create in animation and require high level precision, so congrats to Prierrick for a great piece and hope the 1st place in the cartoon category will be a valuable achievement!

 Sick sad world! by Pierrick Grillet

Sci-fi category

It is said that sci-fi is something you should look at if you want to understand how the future looks – if someone has created it, that is where our minds are wired to. Check the top three submissions in sci-fi category and learn how the world will look like in 20 years (…or maybe a bit earlier).

Ok, to be honest, we don’t want the world to look like it is presented in BREATHLESS (EATEN character concept), the 3rd place winning artwork by Domenico D’Alisa. This CG image of a post-apocalyptic person gives you shivers and doesn’t look like a vision of a bright future, but we cannot deny the quality of computer graphics here for sure.

Breathless (Eaten Character concept) by Domenico D'Alisa

The 2nd place winner Sphere by Anton Podvalny looks just like a robot that would track your every movement. This image is so good that it feels like it could be already being produced in some lab, and let’s hope it’s not…

Sphere by Anton Podvalny

And the 1st place winner of sci-fi category of CGTrader Awards is K.L.I.M.T by Julen Urrutia. A fictional character is dressed in a coat that looks just like in the canvas of symbolist Gustav Klimt, and we just love K.L.I.M.T for the creative approach and blending in sci-fi, CG and top-notch world art from the end of 19th century.

K.L.I.M.T by Julen Urrutia

Fantasy category

Finally, we have our last – fantasy category, in which artists could explore their imagination, but in contrary to sci-fi category – jump not only into the future but also the past or mixed realities.

The 3rd place goes to the piece by Chassefiere Romain called Night. The image shows a gentleman in a tuxedo and a cylinder. Sounds classy? Not so much if you spot the vampire fang and the power pose. No wonder the artwork is called Night…

Night by Chassefiere Romain

Thanatos, the 2nd place winning artwork, also show a mythical creature that you would expect to see in a scary fantasy movie or game. Congrats to Caroline Pricillia for creating this impressive two-faced character!

Thanatos by Caroline Pricillia

The best artwork nomination in fantasy category is awarded to Hanley Leng and his Grand 4 happiness, an image depicting five characters in a surrealistic world of vanity, sin and cruelty.

Grand 4 happiness by Hanley Leng

Public awards

Character category received the most submissions, making it super hard for the jury to decide. Luckily, we can award one more artwork from this category for winning public award. The winning entry – Ancient Bride of the Dead by Rowena Frenzel depicts a creature, which looks like coming from “Fantastic beasts and where to find them”. We are sure that this character would not hurt the movie for sure, and with all pins and saves received by this artwork, it seems the audience agrees with us.

 Ancient Bride of the Dead by Rowena Frenzel

One more public award goes to Vivziepop by Skyler Jyvqh. The author says “I love the liveliness in Vivziepop characters and had a great time working on this one”, and we are sure this positivity reached the hearts of those checking the Pinterest board and brought Skyler the win in the special public award nomination of CGTrader Awards 2017.

 Vivziepop by Skyler Jyvqh

All the winners will be awarded great prizes by CGTrader and the amazing partners of CGTrader Awards 2017: KStudio, RebusFarm, the Foundry, Tonytextures, Craftanimations, SiNi Software.

Thanks for taking part in CGTrader Awards 2017 and stay tuned for the new challenges ;) In the meantime, enjoy Christmas and the whole festive season!

Prizes from Kstudio

Each winner can choose their prize – 1 version of “KStudio Bundle” or 3 versions of “Project Manager“.
Each “KStudio Bundle” contains next plugins and 3d models:


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