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      Materials Manager v.2.01.14 - Open the Material Libraries in the Material Browser. Smarter Search for Preview Thumbnails

      With the new version of Materials Manager, you can now open Material Libraries in the Material Browser.
      The preview search with the Auto-Assign Previews tool has also been upgraded. The fuzzy mode now uses a smarter filename matching algorithm.

      To open a Material Library, select the file in the treeview and choose the “Open in Material/Map Browser” option.
      * This feature is available in 3Ds Max 2021 and above.

      Open Materials from 3Ds Max File in Material Map Browser

      Open Material Library in the Material/Map Browser

      The Auto-Assign Previews tool is designed to search for previews of model and material files.
      The new version has an improved preview search, with the fuzzy mode now using a smarter filename matching algorithm.
      Select the Fuzzy Search mode and choose a matching level from the Difference drop-down menu (we recommend using Similar or Very Similar). When required, add the words and symbols to be ignored during search (for example, <preview><_>).
      Regular expressions (regexes) are also supported.

      Auto-Assign preview

      Auto-Assign Previews tool

      To match the following previews and 3dsMax files

      d2458163_3dh_00005_model01.max -> 00005_model01_02.png
      a2458124_3dh_00007_model02.max -> 00007_model02_01.png
      a2458124_3dh_00007_model02.max -> 00007_model02_02.png

      use these settings:
      Filename match: Fuzzy
      Difference: Very Similar

      Clearly, these image names contain some “junk”, which should be excluded. To do this, we use a regex expression to remove the prefixes “d2458163_3dh_”, “a2458124_3dh_” and the like.

      The full list of changes for this version is given below.

      New Features & Fixes for Materials Manager

      • Adds an ability to open material libraries in the 3ds Max Material Browser [3Ds Max 2021 and above]
      • Adds an ability to include/exclude search by asset’s name
      • Better search preview thumbnails using a fuzzy search method in the Auto-Assign preview tool
      • Adds the menu items "Expand" and "Collapse" for material sub-materials and textures
      • Adds an ability to reuse categories from a replaced material to the new one in the material library
      • Fixes some minor issues with Asset View dialog
      • Fixes some minor issues with renaming materials
      • Fixes a bug with opening the plugin on scenes that contained Anima objects
      • Fixes a bug with opening VRMAT library files
      • Fixes an issue with overwriting gamma after rendering preview and the option "Overwrite output gamma" is on
      • Fixes an issue that sometimes occurred on working with Slate Material Editor
      • Fixes an issue with applying an activation key

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