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      We are pleased to announce the latest version of 3DS Project Manager.
      This update includes several improvements and bug fixes, including enhanced merge features.
      With frequent updates, we strive to make our Project Manager plugin the best asset in your 3DS toolbox.

      Place and Paint

      Enhanced placement capabilities for merged objects — including placement on selected objects, all scene objects, or home grid.
      Merged object placement can also be done using 2 different modes: By Mouse Click or by using 3DS Max Paint Settings.
      Mouse Click mode contains a “Smart Align” feature that helps with even object placement in interiors, such as snapping paintings/sconces onto walls and chandeliers onto ceilings.

      On the other hand, 3DS Max Paint Settings Mode allows users to “paint” objects into the scene, using selections or by freehand.
      This allows for easy copying of objects needed en masse, such as trees, grass, and stones for exterior landscape scenes.

      The Paint Settings Mode, based on standard feature of 3Ds Max known as “Paint Objects”.
      Here you can read more about Paint Objects Panel

      Supports to Final Render trueHybrid

      Cebas Final Render trueHybrid
      Also the new version supports for new version of Final Render trueHybrid – creation of Proxy, IES lights and materials what are compatible with the Final Render trueHybrid.
      With this major release, finalRender is at the cusp of new rendering technology towards an even more powerful version.

      Interactive Render of .BVH ( Bio Vision Hierarchical ) animation files

      Creation V-Ray Dome Light, Assignment HDRI to object, Assignment HDRI to Environment by dragging HDRI files

      New Features & Fixes for Project Manager

      • Adds an ability to Interactive Render of .BVH ( Bio Vision Hierarchical ) animation files
      • Adds an ability to create Biped from .CSM ( Character Studio Motion Capture file ) files
      • Adds support to Final Render trueHybrid (fR R3.6 also supported)
      • Native preview for Final Render Proxy files (.fpx)
      • Adds an ability to paint using merged nodes
      • New capabilities with placing merged objects in scene: place on selection, on all scene objects or home grid
      • Adds an ability to save/restore materials with standard Displace and CoronaDisplacement modifiers
      • Now asset files refreshes automatically after changing link to xRefs
      • Speeds up resolve, strip and change the links to asset files
      • Now .IFL files are copied properly when user collect asset files or make an archive
      • Fixes a minor issue with creating a V-Ray Dome Light when drag HDRI files into viewport
      • Fixes an issue with very slow relinking of materials in Corona 1.7
      • Fixes an issue with scaling objects on rendering a preview when an option “Fit view to nodes” turned off

      Related to "Project Manager version 2.83.52"

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