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      New Features & Fixes for Materials Manager

      • Adds support to 3ds Max 2020 Update 1
      • Drops support to 3ds Max 2013
      • Updates supported version of .NET Framework to version 4.5.2
      • Current version extends supported versions of MySQL Server from 5.6 to 8.0 version
      • Adds an ability to use the Spacebar for viewing preview for materials
      • Adds an ability to use Database in read-only mode (this is a beta-function *)
      • Adds an ability to use the Spacebar for opening preview for materials in the separate window
      • Adds an ability to rendering previews using Corona Frame Buffer
      • Improves a stability when interactively rendering materials
      • The methods of generation preview for Substance and additional 3ds Max image formats (such as vrimg and etc.) was rewritten
      • Move plugin to directory and category "Kstudio"
      • Fixes a bug with compatibility with the latest version of VP Materials Manager
      • Fixes an issue with correct display the maximized plugin window on some monitors
      • Fixes an issue with ability to refresh the listview using the F5 key
      • Fixes some minor issues with interface
      • Fixes a potential issues with compatibility to other plugins that uses the SQLite library.
      • Fixes a some minor issues when rendering previews using Corona Renderer
      • Fixes some minor issues with API
      • Fixes other minor issues and performance improvements.

      * For using add the line “ReadOnly=true” to the section “DataBase” in the “MaterialsManager.ini” file.

      Related to "Materials Manager v.1.72.11"

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