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  • #18023
      • Adds support to 3ds Max 2020.
      • Adds support to Allegorithmic Substance2 plugin.
      • Adds an ability to rebuild cached thumbnails for selected items ( menu item “Thumbnail” => “Rebuild Thumbnail(s)” )
      • Adds an ability to set custom thumbnail for materials ( menu-item “Thumbnail” => “Set Custom Thumbnail”)
      • Drops support to 3ds Max 2012
      • Fixes some minor issues with renaming items in the listview
      • Fixes some issues with optimization when generating PDF
      • Fixes a issues with rendering previews for materials which contains the Substance2 textureMap.
      • Fixes a some issues with copy/move directories
      • Fixes an issue with annoying message of Archvision RPC plugin at start
      • Fixes a potential bug with filtering of files
      • Fixes an issue with copying files from windows explorer to Manager through clipboard
      • Fixes some issues with compatibility with Models Manager
      • Fixes a bug with reordering directories
      • Fixes a some issues with dragging materials between plugin window and MatEditor
      • Fixes a potential bug with saving/restoring MYSQL database

      Related to "Materials Manager v.1.69.22"

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