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      New Features & Fixes for FilePathFinder Pro

      • Speeds up the relinking of asset files approximately in 7 times!
      • Adds support to 3ds Max 2019
      • Display progress bar when Copy and Relink assets
      • Adds an ability to rename Asset link + file on Hdd in more simple way – using menu-item or shortcut (SHIFT+F2)
      • Simplifying Deployment. New capability for installation plugin and creation the identification files in silent mode.
      • Fixes a minor issue with relinking background images
      • Fixes a bug with crashing the plugin in scenes which contains VRayOSLTex and VRayGLSLTex textureMaps
      • Fixes an issue with generating preview for some .PSD files.
      • Fixes a potential issue with generating bug-reports.
      • Fixes some another minor issues.
      • Fixes some potential issues with compatibility with other 3ds Max plugins.
      • Fixes some another minor issues.
      • Fixes some minor interface issues
      • Fixes an issue with flickering toolTips in Windows 7

      New Features & Fixes for tool Batch Render&Relink

      • Adds capability to render in batch mode using Maxwell Renderer
      • More accuracy find compatible renderer by material
      • Fixes an issue with using Vray Frame Buffer for rendering thumbnails in Vray Next.
      • Uses real World and mapChannel settings from materials when rendering preview for materials. ( Available only with default material’s studio)
      • Fixes a bug with rendering some 3d models. [Batch Render&Relink]
      • Fixes a bug when rendering preview works very slowly when Vray material contains displacement
      • Fixes a logical mistake in using variables “FilePath” and “FileName” in “Batch Render&Relink” tool

      Related to "FilePathFinder Pro v.3.76.14"

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