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      Sweep PRO - Make architectural profiles easily

      The latest update brings even more flexibility and convenience to 3D modeling, with a focus on enhancing user experience and improving profile management.

      In its latest update, Sweep PRO has addressed issues concerning the modification of profile dimensions in 3ds Max versions 2023-2024.
      The refined feature now allows users of the latest versions of 3Ds Max to seamlessly alter the size of the profile in real-time, enhancing functionality that is pivotal to the convenience of Sweep Pro.

      The update also brings about significant improvements to the rendering preview, delivering superior zooming capabilities. This enhancement ensures users can gain a more detailed and accurate visualization of their architectural profiles, facilitating precise adjustments.

      Furthermore, the new version of Sweep Pro enhances user experience by simplifying the process of assigning or updating a profile to a path. The introduction of the “Assign” button enables users to execute these tasks with a single click, offering a more intuitive approach compared to the previous double mouse click method. This improvement makes the process clearer, streamlining workflow.

      New Features for Sweep Pro

      • Better zooming to profile on rendering preview
      • Adds the "Assign" button
      • Fixes an issue with changing profile dimensions in 3ds Max 2023-2024

      Related to "Sweep Pro version 1.01.19"

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