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      • Fixed the potential issues with merging the models.
      • Fixed the issue with merging the models in the 3ds max 2010-2014.
      • Fixed the potential issue with merging the model as Proxy.
      • Fixed the minor issues with saving the Favorities folders.
      • Fixed the some minor issues with saving the models.
      • Fixed the some minor issues with checking for update the utility.
      • Fixed the issue with setting the size of thumbnails when rendering the preview.
      • Fixed the some issues and bugs when the system use the text with size greater than 100%.
      • Fixed the conflict with unknown plug-in.
      • Fixed the issue with hiding the Vray VFB window.
      • Fixed the issue with blocking 3ds max hotkeys after opening the address combobox.
      • Add the ability to start searching by pressing the ENTER key.
      • Fixed the issue with filtering files after searching.
      • Fixed a bug that occurs on some machines when opening the address combobox.
      • Fixed the issue with merging the LinkComposite objects.
      • Now the treeView sort the system directories same as in Windows Explorer.
      • Fixed the some issues with interface.
      • Fixed a some minor issues.

      Related to "Models Manager v.1.00.37"

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