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      Project Manager - Mapping source for VRay PBR materials. Filter Favorites

      Materials & Textures

      One of the recent versions of VRay introduced a very handy option called Mapping Source.

      Multiple VRayBitmap maps can use the same map as Mapping Source, thus simultaneously controlling their tiling, offset, rotation and other mapping features.

      The Mapping Source option provides control over the UV mapping of the VRayBitmap texture from another map.

      This feature is also supported by the new version of Project Manager when creating VRay PBR materials.

      This feature is excellent explained in the Jonas Noell video

      If you have the Material Library, which comes with V-Ray or Corona, already installed, it will automatically be added to the Project Manager.

      When using HDRI maps, you can specify the texture type on creating: chosen automatically, that will be compatible with your render engine, or create a specified texture type. OSL Environment map is also supported.

      3D Models

      Support has been added for converting 3D models into VRayScene format. Just select one or several files from the list and convert them into VRayScene.

      With VRayScene, assets can be shared between multiple platforms running V-Ray. Loading a previously saved .vrscene file into V-Ray, it supports rendering geometry and materials. There is also a possibility to load scene overrides from a .vrscene file.

      To learn how to export a .vrscene file, refer to the V-Ray Scene Exporter page.

      The method of updating a file selected in Project Manager with a model from a scene has been made easier. Just select the file you want to replace, choose the objects in the scene to write into this file and press the button.

      Now you can also choose an option for the objects to be added to the active layer during merging. (Look for this feature in Preferences, Miscellaneous tab)


      It’s even easier to work with Favorites, now that they can be filtered.

       For a selected material, a list of modifiers saved with this material is now displayed.

      The interface issue encountered by the users who set Chinese as their system language is now fixed.


      Using silent mode installation, corporate users can install the plugin and generate license keys on multiple computers much easier. This version fixes the issue with the Auto install feature in Project Manager version 3.

      The version fixes the issue with scene materials renaming.

      The problem with rendering the scenes containing xRef objects is also fixed, as are some minor issues with the Advanced File Renamer and Convert Images tools, and several other bugs, such as setting up a default renderer in the Render Preferences dialog box and displaying this dialog box in 3ds Max 2018 and older versions.

      See the full list of changes and fixes below.

      New Features for Project ManagerView Product

      • Adds support to mapping source for V-Ray PBR materials
      • Adds an ability to export files to vrscene (menu "Export to:" => vrscene )
      • Adds an ability to replace a selected file with a model from the scene
      • Displays a list of modifiers linked to a material
      • Adds an ability to filter Favorite folders
      • Adds the default Corona material library to the treeview
      • Adds the default V-Ray material library to the treeview
      • Adds an ability to merge models to the active layer (Look for this feature in Preferences, Miscellaneous tab)
      • Adds an ability to specify the texture class to be used with HDRI (Look for this feature in Preferences, Miscellaneous tab)
      • Adds an ability to move Favorites to top level
      • Adds an ability to store/restore size of Favorites panel
      • Fixes an issue with Auto install feature in Project Manager version 3 (silent mode installation)
      • Fixes an issue with rendering of previews for scenes with xRef objects
      • Fixes an issue with resizing images [Convert Images tool]
      • Fixes an issue with F8 hotkey for assigning materials
      • Fixes an issue with deleting files from Catalogs that display files from subdirectories
      • Fixes a bug with Advanced File Renamer tool
      • Fixes an issue with displaying the exclude merging list in 3ds Max 2021
      • Fixes an issue in 3ds Max 2021 with displaying the list of object classes excluded from merging
      • Fixes an issue with setting up a default renderer in the Render Preferences dialog box
      • Fixes an issue with renaming scene materials
      • Fixes a bug with opening the Render Thumbnail Preferences dialog in 3ds Max 2018 and older versions
      • Fixes an issue arising when monitor screen DPI uses a scale of more than 100%
      • Fixes some interface issues

      Read about Latest Version

      Related to "Project Manager version 3.12.68"

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