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      Project Manager version 2.91.05

      Happy summer to everyone!

      But if you are still working, I hope you will enjoy with new features and speed and reliability of this update for Project Manager.

      Asset Tracking

      With this update, you will get a dramatic increase of the speed for re-linking the assets in your huge scenes.
      The work of Kstudio’s Asset Tracking system without compromises of quality is accelerated more than 7 times!


      By default Project Manager creates a material when you drag a map into Material Editor.
      With new version you can hold the SHIFT key for placing a map without creating a material.
      Also now the materials and textureMaps which dragged into Slate Material Editor will be place under mouse position.

      Support to Vray Next

      This version allows to use the Vray Frame Buffer for rendering thumbnails with Vray Next.

      Vray Next

      Simplifying Deployment

      Project Manager is used by freelancers as well as in studios of different sizes – from several employees to hundreds.
      New feature will be interesting for corporate users – installing 3ds Max plugin in silent mode.
      This will speed up the deployment of multiple installation into a large network. I recommend to pay attention to utilities such as PsExec and PowerShell – with their help you can install the 3dsMax plug-ins and create the identification files on multiple computers in a batch mode.

      Download example:

      New Features & Fixes for Project Manager


      • Adds an ability to drag textureMaps to Material Editor without converting it to material by holding the SHIFT key
      • Now materials and textureMaps which dragged into Slate Material Editor will be place under mouse position.(3ds Max 2014 and above)
      • Adds support to Alembic (.ABC) files. Now you can create Alembic Object from ABC files.
      • Adds capability to export selected objects to several file-types.
      • Fixes an issue with viewport when merge some models.

      Asset Tracking

      • Display progress bar when Copy and Relink assets
      • Speeds up the relinking of asset files approximately in 7 times!
      • Fixes a minor issue with relinking background images
      • Fixes a bug with crashing the plugin in scenes which contains VRayOSLTex and VRayGLSLTex textureMaps

      Rendering preview

      • Fixes an issue with using Vray Frame Buffer for rendering thumbnails in Vray Next.
      • Fixes a bug with rendering some 3d models.


      • Fixes a minor issue with dragging some directories in the treeView.
      • Fixes an issue with copy a Favorites directories with files.
      • Fixes an issue with renaming a directory with same name to different case.
      • Fixes an issue with dragging some files between directories.
      • Fixes an issue when dragging materials/maps between material libraries
      • Fixes a bug when sometimes selecting some .max files into listview can slow down the 3ds Max.
      • Fixes an issue with generating preview for some .PSD files.
      • Fixes an issue with opening file with associated application in Windows 7.


      • Simplifying Deployment. New capability for installation plugin and creation the identification files in silent mode.
      • Fixes some potential issues with compatibility with other 3ds Max plugins.
      • Fixes a potential issue with generating bug-reports.

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