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      New version of Project Manager adds support to GrowFX – plant modelling system.
      Now you can see native embedded thumbnail, create GrowFX objects by dragging the .GFX files into viewport and convert them to Proxy on the fly.

      Also this version fixes some issues and bugs related to different plugins and renderers.

      Next script can help you in case if you have issues with relink FstormBitmaps which created in one from last releases of FstormRender.
      For using open your scene with problem and drag the script “Fix” into viewport.
      Download Fix

      New Features & Fixes for Project Manager

      • Adds support to GrowFX: preview embedded thumbnail, drag into viewport, convert to Proxy
      • Fixes a bug when V-Ray proxy path is set to undefined
      • Fixes a potential bug with saving/restoring MYSQL database
      • Fixes an issue with saving to library a material which contains FstormBitmap
      • Convert to Vray Proxy now uses optimization for instances. Re-create your V-Ray proxies in case if you have issues with rendering speed or cancellation/ending of renderingis slowly
      • Fixes an issue with selecting Vray Proxies on the Asset Files tab by file-name
      • Fixes a bug when paste items into the Favorites folder from the system folder
      • Fixes some other issues and bugs

      Related to "Project Manager version 2.92.00"

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