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      Hi there,

      Thanks for that great feature it’s going to be really useful !

      I noticed that the database only keeps track of the library (folders) and not the files yet (tags and comments still create a .dsk file to store info).

      Are you planning to expand the database so that all the keywords and comment will be stored there ?

      I’m asking that as we were gonna go through the process of tagging all our assets and don’t want to do it twice…

      Thanks !

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      do u have any explanation how to use sql ? coz not all of people now how to use sql

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      SQLite not requares any knowledges for using.
      It used by default and installed with Project Manager.
      Simple install and use the plugin.

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      ok, i already set the database on my server. which is on drive V.

      now, tell me how my other PC can access this database on drive V ?

      coz u said the main purpose using mysql or sql is to use 1 data base source for multiple user ?


      can u help me on skype ? coz this is really messed up my setting and we are using project manager on lots of pc. and i need to fix this fast

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      It is not reccomend for using a SQLite for sync database.

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