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      Materials Manager v.1.65.34

      • Fixes an issue with saving materials with maps.
      • Fixes the bug with “Render Thumbnails Preferences” dialog.
      • Fixes an issue with network paths in Folder Browser dialog.
      • Some optimisations and speed improvements.

      Materials Manager v.1.65.18

      • Now you can save materials to library by dragging them directly from Material Editor.
      • Caching the materials thumbnails.
      • Details View for Materials.
      • Fixes an issues with managementing some particular assets, used on materials.
      • Adds the ability to save sceneMaterials to Material Library using context menu of treeview.
      • Adds the ability to adding buttons for custom scripts to toolbar.
      • Some interface changes and speed improvements.
      • Adds the ability to set custom path for cache folder.
      • Fixes the bug with filtering items in Demo mode.
      • Fixes the bug with crash of 3Ds max when Corona interactive rendering is active.
      • Fixes an issue with very slow loading material libraries on complex scenes when use a Nitrous Direct3D Display Driver.

      Materials Manager v.1.60.00

      • Redesign the interface.
      • Increase the size of thumbnails up to 512px.
      • Adds support to different screen dpi settings.
      • Adds the ability to working with assets of material library directly from opened library.
      • Adds the menu item “Save Material From Material Library”.
      • Now the list of sceneMaterials and meditMaterials refreshes automatically after loading a new scene.
      • Adds a menu item “Reveal in Windows Explorer” to Material TreeView context menu.
      • Adds the ability to select into delete dialog which dependent files will be removed with material.
      • Updates the SQLite and MySQL libraries to latest version.
      • Fixes an issue with auto detecting the Corona as default renderer for materials.
      • Fixes an issue with detecting a compatible renderer for materials.
      • Fixes a minor issue with sorting items into listview.
      • Fixes a bug when 3ds Max freezes when interactive render materials.
      • Fixes a bug when 3ds Max sometime crashes after opening some material libraries.

      Materials Manager v.1.04.01

      • Fixes a bug with message “Item ParentNode” what occurs on some computers.
      • Updates the studio for rendering previews for materials.
      • Some minor interface changes.
      • Fixed a bug with updating what occurs on some computers.
      • Fixed a minor issue with assigning materials to object.
      • Fixed a minor issue with sorting items in the listview.
      • Adds an ability for select items by typing them names on the keyboard.
      • Zoom to a map/material after placing it into the Slate Material (3ds Max 2014 and above).
      • Fixed another bug with opening the ‘Folder Browser’ dialog what occurs on some computers.
      • Fixed a bug what occurs on some computers with setting the Material/Map Browser to old style.
      • Fixed a bug with opening the ‘Folder Browser’ dialog what occurs on some computers.
      • Fixed a some minor bugs with updating.

      Materials Manager v.1.02.20

      • Some updates and improvements for check of updates.
      • Fixes a specific problem when dragging a materials to the objects.
      • Fixed issue with renaming a Catalogs.
      • Fixed some minor issues with material tree.

      Materials Manager v.1.02.05

      • Adds the ability to display a materials with submaterials and textures.*
      • Change a database type from XML to SQL format (you can use a SQLite or MySQL** database).
      • Adds the ability for translating a paths in database from local to network and back.
      • Fixed some minor potential issues with renaming a Favorities folders.

      Materials Manager v.1.00.14

      • Some optimization for assigning materials.
      • Fixed a bug with using the plugin with ‘Batch Render&Relink’ and ‘Models Manager’.
      • Fixed a minor issue with assigning a material to object on subobject level.

      Materials Manager v.1.00.0
      July 16, 2015

      • First Release

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