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      • New features:
      • Adds option “Reset Pivot” for replacement models.
      • Adds ability to disable the key “Delete”.
      • Adds ability to re-build cached thumbnails for selected files.
      • Modified features:
      • Increased speed of loading HDRI files.
      • Now modifiers,which stored with materials, will be applied as instance.
      • Now you can open the file in an external application by double-clicking on it.
      • Increased switching speed of the default display filter.
      • Increased speed of displaying the tooltip for large image.(clearing cache is required)

      • Bug fixes:

      • Fixes issue with hide/freeze Command Panel after relink&collect the asset files.
      • Fixes some minor issues with Adress bar.
      • Fixes minor issues when copying/paste files.
      • Fixes some minor issues with “Confirm Replace” dialog.

      Related to "Project Manager v.1.40.37"

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