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      • Fixed an issue with merging Itoo Forest objects.
      • Fixed a minor issue with assigning materials to objects.
      • Fixed a minor issue with sorting items in the listview.
      • Adds an ability for select items by typing them names on the keyboard.
      • Now by default a transformation of objects doesn’t reset after merging.(*)
      • Now by default empty objects (with 0 faces) don’t excluded from merging.(*)
      • Zoom to a map/material after placing it into the Slate Material (3ds Max 2014 and above).
      • Fixed an issue with creating textureMap from file when drag a file into the Slate Material Editor with SHIFT key.
      • Fixed another bug with opening the ‘Folder Browser’ dialog what occurs on some computers.
      • Fixed a bug what occurs on some computers with setting the Material/Map Browser to old style.
      • Fixed an issue with showing thumbnails in the ‘Confirm replace’ dialog.
      • Fixed an issue with clearing items in listView after closing the ‘Preferences’ dialog.

      *You can change this options in the ‘Preferences’ dialog

      Related to "Project Manager v.2.30.31"

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