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      • Address bar
      • Materials are stored with the modifier (UVW map, UVW xForm,
        if appointed VrayDisplace and it included check Use object material, then VrayDisplace also stored)
      • Type display a list of Details (as in explorer)
      • Sorting by name, date and file size
      • Status bar slightly changed design and at bottom now writes the total size of files in a folder
      • If you rename the file and it is present in the opening scene, it will change and the link to it .
      • Now a batch render and search , collect and relink the files in batch mode is done via the utility “Batch Render&Relink”.
      • You can change the paths in xRef-files without opening the file (available for max 2010 and above)
      • Dark theme.
      • Fixes a bug with render thumbnails for 3ds max 2010&2011.
      • Fixes a bug for 3ds max 2011 when working with Slate Material Editor.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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