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      • Auto closing messages about invalid IES file during Batch Rendering
      • Now auto-closing unselected folders works properly
      • Adds the ability to turn offon auto-closing unselected folders
      • Adds the ability to open Material Libraries in standard “Material/Map Browser”
      • Adds the ability to Create New Material Libraries
      • Adds the ability to Save Scene Materials to Custom Material Library
      • Adds the ability to Copy, Move and Paste Files and Materials
      • Adds the ability to Rename Materials from Scene and Material Libraries
      • Adds the ability to Replace Scene Materials to Materials from Material Libraries
      • Now at installation, the utility automatically checks compatibility with the established version of .Net Framework
      • Asset Files
      • Now the selecting the dependencies objects to missing files is works properly
      • Fixes issues with Relinking Vray Environment Maps

      Related to "Project Manager v.0.99.63 RC"

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