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      • New features:
      • Adds ability to search files by name and description.
      • Adds ability to add description to 3ds max files.
      • Displaying embedded to 3ds max files thumbnails.
      • Include AutoCad file format as default on "Models" category.
      • Displaying embedded to AutoCad files thumbnails.
      • Adds ability to onoff extensions for display on "Models" category.
      • Adds ability to include/exclude models by extension to batch rendering (by default is it 3ds Max,Vray Proxy, Mental Proxy, 3ds, obj).
      • Adds ability to add files to favorites from status bar.
      • Adds some methods and properties for PMStructureInfo*.

      • Modified features:
      • Extremely speeding up opening directories with big number of subfolders.
      • Update the Help.

      • Bug fixes:
      • Fixes some issues with thumbnail rendering.
      • Fixes a bug with correct displaying the Asset files.

      Project Manager v1.54.20

      Search files

      Filter files by extension




      (Writing a custom menu requires knowledge of the maxScript language.)
      Read more about Project Manager’s API

      * New methods and properties

      	CurrentFolder: <String> folder, read-only      
      	AddFilesToExplorer: <Array> filenames
      	SaveScreenShot: <String> filename

      (see examples in new maxScript files – “Create-apply biped obj from” and “Save biped”(TrackScripts\ProjectManager\presets))
      How add new default extension to “Models” category:

      • Open “ProjectManager.ini”
      • Find section “[ModelsExtension]”
      • Type desired extension => for example “.bip=true”


      	//use for update list
      	AddFilesToExplorer:<Array> filenames       
      	//remove selected items only from list
      	//Save 3ds max ScreenShot 
      	SaveScreenShot:<String> filename           


      	//Full path to current folder
      	CurrentFolder:<String> folder, read-only
      	//return filenames for selected items
      	SelectedItems:<function>, [includeMaps:false]  [includeThumbs:false]
      	//return filenames of thumbnails for selected items  =>SelectedItems includeThumbs:true      
      	SelectedThumbs:<Array>, filenames
      	//return filenames of used maps for selected items =>SelectedItems includeMaps:true                                        
      	SelectedMaps:<Array>, filenames                                             

      (see example maxScript files in folder “$userscripts\TrackScripts\ProjectManager\presets”)

      Related to "Project Manager v.1.54.20"

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