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  • #14187
      • Fixes an issue with slowdown of loading directories on ‘Models’ tab when complex scene is open into 3Ds Max.
      • Fixes a bug when in some situations window not drawn properly.
      • Fixes an issue with slow loading the material libraries in some situations.
      • Fixes an issue with display the preview for materials from large thumbnails in some situations.
      • Fixes a bug with copy materials beetween material libraries.
      • Fixes a bug for 3Ds Max 2018 with crashing the 3Ds Max when user try delete some files or materials.
      • Fixes a bug with dragging materials when some modifiers present in scene.
      • Fixes an issue with rendering preview for .BIP (Biped Motion) and .BVH(Bio Vision Hierarchical) files.
      • Fixes an issue with rendering preview when using the custom studio with VRayPhysical camera.

      Related to "Project Manager version 2.80.74"

Viewing 1 post

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