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      Models Manager got a new feature – managing asset files for 3Ds Max files.
      Now you can watch, search for missing files, change paths and collect files.*
      For ignoring output files (such as Render Output or Render Elements) use the menu item “Exclude”.

      * This feature is available for files saved in 3ds Max version 2010 and higher.
      Format of files and Asset Tracking system has been updated in 3ds Max 2010.
      Due to this all informations about external links now accessible without opening scenes directly in 3ds Max.
      But, unfortunately, some renderer plugins (eg Maxwell fully not supports Asset Tracking and VRayBmpFilter, supplied with VRay) aren’t supporting the recording of information about links in the required format.
      In this case for managing external links, you need to open the scene.
      To working with such scenes is recommended to use the FilePathFinder (PRO version or Light), Batch Render&Relink or upgrade to Project Manager.

      Manage Assets for 3d Models
      Manage Assets for 3d Models

      Information panel and Details&Thumbnails view now show the detailed file information: 3ds Max version, renderer, number of vertices, faces, objects, cameras & lights.
      New version supports to preview up to 512x512px!
      Models with missing files now merging much faster.

      Added support to FStormRender – now you can merge 3d Models as FStorm Proxy.
      Automatic creation Fstorm IES Lights when you drag IES files into viewport.* Creating Fstorm Material with FstormBitmap textureMap when you drag a bitmap file onto scene-object.**
      Note: The type of created objects depends on currently active renderer in the scene. For example, for active renderer V-Ray will be created a VRay Proxy, VRay IES and Vray Material.

      *To be able to work with IES photometric files you need to disable the filter or add the file-type .IES to the filter list.
      Support to IES by default will be included to the next version of Models Manager. Also, the next version will be supported to interactive viewing of IES files.
      To fully support to working with IES, you can update the Models Manager to Project Manager.

      Model Manager: Filter by file-typeModel Manager: add new extension to Filter by file-type

      **To be able to work with bitmaps you need to disable the filter or add desired image file-type to the filter list. Models Manager currently supports creation of materials just by dragging bitmaps onto objects, but not into Material Editor. Use Project Manager for full support working with bitmaps.

      New Features & Fixes for Models Manager:

      • Redesign the interface.
      • Increase the size of thumbnails up to 512px
      • Adds support to different screen dpi settings.
      • Displays more information about files.
      • Adds the ability to working with assets of 3ds Max files directly from “Explorer” tab without opening file.
      • Adds support to FStormRender – merging Proxy, creating IES and FStorm materials.
      • Adds a “VRmesh Viewer” to list of “Programs” on toolbar.
      • Increase speed of merging models with missing network maps.
      • Keeps original names for objects after merging.
      • Adds the ability to select into delete dialog which dependent files will be removed with main asset.
      • Updates the SQLite and MySQL libraries to latest version.
      • Minor optimisations and speed improvements for searching files.
      • Fixes an issue with creating an Octane Proxy with Octane Renderer 3.xx.
      • Fixes a minor issue with sorting items into listview.
      • Fixes an issue with auto detecting the Corona as default renderer for scenes.
      • Fixes a bug with crashing 3ds Max when adding a model to a library in some specific situations.
      • Fixes a bug for 3ds Max 2016-2017 when merging files as “Xref Objects”.

      Read about the Latest Version

      Related to "Models Manager v.1.60.00"

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