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    Asset tracker Manager for 3ds Max.

  • Find, collect and relink the asset files.
  • Support to all modern renderers.
  • Support to XRefs.
  • Support to any type of resources (images, HDR, Proxy, IES, shaders&etc.)
  • Selecting the objects or materials by link.
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Product Description

FilepathFinder Light it is a power tool for working with asset files in 3ds Max.
With FilepathFinder you can easy find, collect and sort asset files.
Utility supports XRefs of all types and processes all XRefs scenes linked to current.
Unlike all other such scripts, it really finds all resources (images, HDR-images, Proxy, IES-files, shaders).
FilePathFinder help you quick select objects in your scene or find desired materials and textures and placed they to Material Editor.

Additional Information

3ds max compatibility

3ds Max 2010-2017 (x32 & x64)

Supported renderer


Known Issues:

3ds max 2010 does not correctly work with files and folders that contain non-unicode characters(Russian, Chine).


Asset Tracking

  • Search for missing assets
  • Relink external files
  • Collect external files
  • Ability to exclude files from collecting by type of file
  • Rename the links by mask
  • Removing the maps from scene
  • Ability to сollect the Asset files via clipboard.
  • Support to xRef files.
  • Support to almost all known renderers and plug-ins.

Selecting objects, work with materials and textures

  • Selecting the objects by their links to files
  • Displays in interactive mode a list of files linked to selected objects
  • Place Materials and BitmapTextures into the Material Editor
  • ShowHide bitmap in viewport
  • Opening the files into the external application.

Misc Features

  • Autocheck for updates
  • Various methods of display files in list: by type of files, linked to selected objects, by status, by mask of name
  • Independent from 3dsMax caching of thumbnails
  • Unostentatious and “Transparent” the demo-version
  • User-Friendly interface



FilePathFinder Light Update History

FilePathFinder Light v.3.12.11

May 12, 2016
  • Adds an ability for select items by typing them names on the keyboard.
  • Zoom to a map/material after placing it into the Slate Material (3ds Max 2014 and above).
  • Fixes a potential bug with tracking asset files in 3ds Max 2010.
  • Fixes an issue with tracking assets for files opened from the 3ds Max ‘Start-up Template’ dialog.
  • Fixed a bug with updating what occurs on some computers.
  • Fixed a minor issue with sorting items in the listview.
  • Fixed another bug with opening the ‘Folder Browser’ dialog what occurs on some computers.
  • Fixed an issue with showing thumbnails in the ‘Confirm replace’ dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with clearing items in listView after closing the ‘Preferences’ dialog.

FilePathFinder Light v.3.12.00

March 9, 2016
  • Fixed a bug what occurs on some computers when opening the ‘Folder Browser’ dialog.
  • Fixed a bug in the ‘Confirm replace’ dialog.
  • Fixed some other issues.

FilePathFinder Light v.3.11.00

January 8, 2016
  • Add support to Octane renderer version 2.XX
  • Fixed a bug in the Demo version when a customer try search the asset files.
  • Fixed issues with creating and relinking a Maxwell lights.
  • Adds support to relink the Indigo Mesh object.
  • Fixed a minor issue with updating.
  • Fixed a bug when open the "Customize" menu in version 3.10.17.
  • Fixed a bug with using the plugin with 'Batch Render&Relink', 'Models Manager' and 'Materials Manager'.
  • Now the license key immediately updated and apply (when using the button 'Move license' from 3ds Max).
  • Fixed a bug when applying the license key from menu of the plugin.

FilePathFinder Light v.3.10.11

July 2, 2015
  • Fixed the issue with keeping the settings of Target Lights after relinking the ies file.
  • Fixed a some minor issues with updating the plugin.
  • Fixes some minor interface issues.
  • Fixed a minor issue with relinking.

FilePathFinder Light v.3.10.00

May 18, 2015
  • Adds the support to latest version of the Corona renderer
  • Adds the support to latest version of the Octane renderer
  • Adds support to Maxwell renderer
  • Fixed the some issues and bugs when the system use the text with size greater than 100%.
  • Fixed the issue with hiding the Vray VFB window
  • Fixed the bug with locking the 3ds max hotkeys after opening some menus.
Note: 8311

FilePathFinder Light v.3.00.00

September 3, 2013
  • New interface, based on PRO version of FilePathFinder
  • Adds support to Octane-renderer.
  • Display xRefs in tree mode.
  • Adds support to Substance Textures.
Note: 4427

FilePathFinder Light v2.4.38

  • Fixes issues with the cancel dialog in Max 2011 when collecting Asset Files
  • Fixes issues with cancelling the Collect Files operation
  • Fixed a bug with Vray SP5 and above where in the list of texture files were shown Render Output Files
  • Fixes the issues with collection the files without extensions

FilePathFinder Light v2.4.30

  • Fixes some minor issues
  • Some changes to limitations of Demo-version

FilepathFinder v2.3.65

  • Fixes a finding of textures and a select of objects on textures containing in objects.
  • Selection of objects is accelerated
  • Rename filename by F2-key (shortcut only)
  • Rename filepath + filename by ctrl+F2 (shortcut and menu)

FilepathFinder v2.3.2

  • Adds Image Preview for bitmaps
  • Fixes Image preview
  • Fixes Resize "File Collector" rollout by height
  • Adds "Check up files with invalid paths" function for external scene files

FilepathFinder v2.2.4

  • Adds "Duplicate compare" dialog for "Copy to" menuitem
  • Fix save/restore Selection files in Files-List

FilepathFinder v2.2.0

  • Change multiply files in "Browse" menu
  • Open selected bitmaps in your editor (set-select for program in submenu)
  • Resize "File Collector" rollout by height

FilepathFinder v2.1.0

  • Fixes an error when starting in Max 2008
  • Adds 'Place to Material Editor' function
  • Adds full refresh for external scene files by CTRL+Clicking on the 'Refresh' button


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