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      Hello, thanks for good work.

      Just simple wish: when I place the model as a proxy that is automatically created, a library is created as well with the material in it … my wish would be that the material be named just like the proxy, that is: the same as the named library.

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      Hello Alex,

      I have a wishlist request from a coworker.  He says” It would be great if I could add additional columns to the Asset Files view. I’d love a Width and Height column so I can easily see which of my maps are too huge. This would help me when I am trying to optimize a scene, by quickly displaying what assets need the most help.”





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      Moderator Alexander Kramer
      Alexander Kramer

        Thanks for your idea!

        I’ll add this to wishlist for version 3.

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      Great plugin!
      Is it possible make it  to search and relink assets  only  certain selected ones from list (like resolve function F3)?( …as i know it can exclude search/collect only by file type now) …it will be great have this ability …
      Thanks in advance!
      search and relink assets  only  certain selected ones from list

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      Moderator Alexander Kramer
      Alexander Kramer


        Thanks for your idea, but this won’t make a search faster.

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      The issue is not for make it faster … if you noted above  asset names contain only digits (above selected file)… common search directories and subdirrectories may contain a lot of digitname-only files and may cause relink wrong files (it will relink first found one) …so i d like prevent this issue to search rest assets manually later …of cousrse for now   i can strip wrong relinked dirrectories …but in this case i lost old dirrectories (hint for later searching) as relink operation concerned all files in the list…

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      i suppose … SET path  for only selected items is not  the same as SEARCH missing path for selected items…   setting path we know about certain path … but for search and relink we should find the dirrectory of missing item firstly

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      Hi Alex, is it possible to have tags and comments for materials (like models and textures do)?

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      Moderator Alexander Kramer
      Alexander Kramer

        Now i work about 3rd version and will start work about this capability on this week.
        It’s to hard to do this, but I’ll try. )))

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      Thank you! I’ve been using PM for more than a year and it is one of the best plugins I ever used. I love it and recommend it to all my friends.

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      Hi, we would love to know if it is possible or will be possible to connect a cloud storage to KSPM to work with remote team artists ?


      Thank you !

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      Hi, is there a possibility to add a web link field near tags and description?

      Useful for archviz library.

      Best Regards

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      Moderator Alexander Kramer
      Alexander Kramer

        Thanks for your idea!

        I’ll make the urls into description field clickable.


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      Hi Alex,

      Can we have an option to not show the “textures” or “maps” subfolders in 3d models section?

      for every folder with models we have a subfolder named textures or maps wich would be great if we would have an option to not be displayed in PM



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      Moderator Alexander Kramer
      Alexander Kramer

        This capability realized in version 3.
        Version 3 currently in development.
        You will can exclude directories by name or by full path.

        TreeView Settings - Hidden Directories

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      OK, thanks a lot! Is there an ETA for PM 3?


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