Questions on Buying&Licensing:

  • How can I get an invoice for my purchase?

    After completing the order, you will receive an invoice with the confirmation e-mail.

  • How can i pay?

    You can buy the software using a variety of payment methods through an online store.
    The order process is protected via a secure connection and makes on-line ordering quick and safe.

    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    • Webmoney
    • Wire Transfer
    • Check
    • American Express
    • Alipay
    • Purchase Order
    • Full list of Payment Methods
    • The most plugins have a volume discount.
    • VAT information can be found in the shopping cart.
    • All prices shown here are listed in USD (United States Dollar).
    • You can switch to any other currencies during the checkout process.
    • You can see the exact cost of buying on the checkout page.
    • Refund Policy for Kstudio products:
      If you are not satisfied and unhappy with plugin or if you can’t use it for some reason, 
      you can request a refund within two weeks of product purchase. 
      We will provide refunds to any reasonable request.

    If you have any problems, contact us at

    Applicable to:

  • I made the purchase. When do I get the full version of the product?

    Once you have completed your ordering process, you can login to your dashboard
    and download the full version of the product.
    If you do not have an account you receive the mail with login and password.

    • Download and install the product.
    • Generate and send the identification file from the dashboard page.
    • The license key will be sent to you within one hour.
    • After receiving the license run the 3ds Max with administrative privileges.
    • Run the plugin and choose item “Activation” in the menu “Help”.
    • Press the button “Apply Key File”.

    You can always restore the password on this page – Restore password.

    Applicable to:

  • How i can install the Kstudio plugin?

    • Download archive with a plugin.
    • Unpack archive on a hard disk
    • Run the 3ds Max.
    • Drag the .mzp file into the viewport
    • The installation automatically started.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen and generate the identification file at the end.
    • In the 3ds max menu “Customize”>> “Customize User Interface”>> Category “Kstudio” (or “Track” for older versions)
      choose the plugin and draw it to the Panel of Instruments.

    You must be logged-in for downloading the full version of the product.

    Applicable to:

  • Does it possible to use one license on more than one computer?

    Each license can be used only on one computer. But a special offer is available – one Free license and Volume discounts.

    A special offer is available – you can get one free additional license upon first purchase.
    Also available are volume discounts for most products.

    Applicable to:

  • How to update or transfer the license to another computer?

    You can update your license using one from multiple methods.
    Select the most suitable transferring type:

      1. Run the “Registration”* tool and click the “Move License” button*.
        Choose from the opened window the license file that you used previously.
        The request for transferring will be automatically sent to the server.
        Your license will be updated immediately. (Only if you are upgrading the license is rare)
      2. Run the “Registration” tool and click “Generate ID-File” button*.
        Login and send the identification file using the dashboard.
        During one hour you receive the new license.

    License activation for KSTUDIO 3Ds Max plugin


    *Find it on the plugin’s menu “Help” => “Activation”.
    *Start on the computer, on which you plan to use the plugin.
    Please use your permanent e-mail box (same as you use at purchasing).
    You can always restore your password on this page – Restore password.

    Updating the license-key on the dashboard page

    1. Select license for upgrading and turn on the checkbox
    2. Add the generated id file
    3. Press the button “Send request for update selected license-key(s)”
    4. Type the reason for upgrading
    5. Press the button “Send request”

  • What will happen with the license key when I reinstall my operating system?

    You can continue using your license key.
    In case if your license won’t be work you can send a request for the new license.
    Before reinstalling the system or formatting open the Project Manager.
    Select item “Backup settings” in the menu “Help” and save all settings for PM on the non-system disk.

  • Can I upgrade my license of “FilePatFinder” (or another) to “Project Manager”?

    Please contact us if you want an upgrade your license to “Project Manager”:
    Request for an upgrade.

  • Is available the academic discounts?

    Yes – from June 1, 2017 the students or teachers can buy the Kstudio plugins with 50% discount!

    Before we can fulfill your order, we require proof of qualification or studies to get academic discounting on Kstudio plugins for 3Ds Max.

    Please note that the academic version of Kstudio is identical to the full (commercial usage) product.

    The academic license, however, may not be used for any commercial purpose, including production or works for hire.

    For academic discount and additional information, please contact us at

  • What’s the difference between the demo and the full version?

    The Demo version allows working only with a limited number of files.
    Demo version limitation

  • Installation and Reception of License Key (on the example of the Project Manager)


    • Download archive with the plugin.
    • Unpack the archive on a hard disk
    • Run the 3ds Max.
    • Drag the .mzp file into the viewport
    • The installation will be automatically started.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
    • Generate the identification file, if you are the official client and you need a new license.
    • In the 3ds max menu “Customize”>> “Customize User Interface”>> Category “Kstudio” (or “Track” for older versions ) choose the plugin and drag it to the Panel of the Instruments.

    Receiving the License Key.

    To generate a license file I need to get an identification file for your computer.

    Generating the identification file

    • After Payment send the identification file using the dashboard (in this case you receive a license during half-hour)
      Also you can send it to e-mail: (it requires more time for answering – up to 48 hours)
    • Run the 3ds Max.
    • Choose the menu-item “Activation” from 3ds Max menu “Project Manager” or from the plugin menu “Help”.
    • Press the button “Apply Key File”.
    • Choose the license key.
    • It is all!
    • Have a nice day!

    Also please see help file:

    Registration Dialog

    Note: Please use the latest updates for your version of 3ds Max
    3ds Max Updates & Service Packs

    Demo version allows to work only with a limited number of files.

    See Also:

  • Simplified deployment: silent mode installation and creation identification files

    Kstudio plugins are used by freelancers as well as in studios of different sizes – from several employees to hundreds.
    The new feature will be interesting for corporate users – installing 3ds Max plugin in silent mode.
    This will speed up the deployment of multiple installations into a large network. I recommend to pay attention to utilities such as PsExec and PowerShell – with their help you can install the 3dsMax plug-ins and create the identification files on multiple computers in a batch mode.

    Download example:
  • How to use licenses across multiple computers?

    Receiving licenses:

    • After buying a license, a customer receives access to the dashboard.
    • Generate the identification file(s) on the computer(s) that you will be used for work and upload the id-files using the dashboard.
      Above you can read how to generate identification files for multiple computers.
    • You will immediately receive a license file(s) to email.
    • Also you can always download licenses from the dashboard *.
    Updating the existing license to new (for example after changing/upgrading a computer ) a very simple:
    Each user can update the license by themselves without bothering an administrator.
    All that he needs – this is a previous license key.

    1. Open the “Registration Dialog
    2. Click the “Move License” button.
    3. Choose from the opened window the license file which used previously.
    4. The request for the transferring will be automatically sent to the server and updated immediately **.

    License Server support will be added after the releasing of the 3rd version.

    * Please use your permanent e-mail box (same as you use at purchasing).
    You can always restore the password on the page Restore password.

    ** Only if a license upgrade is rare.

    Upload the id-files using the dashboard
    Upload the id-files using the dashboard
    License Dialog
    License Dialog

General questions on Using the Project Manager:

  • Is there a way to add multiple folders at once?!

    It is simple!
    Select multiple folders in the Windows Explorer and drag them on “Project Manager” treeview panel.
  • Is it possible to display all content of the directory?

    Of course!
    Use the filter button on the panel.
    Asset Files Filter

  • How to switch between high/low resolution version of the 3ds max scene

    Using Project Manager you can change your models and textures to lower resolution versions.

    For example, you can use the next scheme:

    Place low-poly models and textures to a directory called “low-poly” and hi-poly to another directory – “hi-poly”.

    Find&Replace Links

    For switching between high-res/low assets use the function “Find-Replace” what present in the Project Manage functionality.

    Just open Project Manager and type “/low-poly/” to the field “Find” and “/hi-poly/” to the field “Replace”. Press the Apply button.

    This will replace all links to scene assets to high-res.

    Also, you can relink only selected assets – just select desired links in the list and choose in the context-menu the menu-item “Set path”

    Specify the path to high-res/low assets.

    Of course, models should be placed as xRef or Proxy.

    Specify asset paths in 3ds Max

    Convert & Resize Images

    Also Project Manager from version 3.11.45 supports to resize image files. You can use this functionality to resize your images to lower resolution.

    Convert & Resize Images using Project Manager

    Replace 3D Models

    For replacing non-xRef to another (high/low) use the Replace 3D Model functionality.

    Please see this video.

  • How to relink and collect maps for 3D Models to their corresponding local maps folder?

    Just use “Batch Render&Relink” tool for this. Batch Render&Relink shipped with Project Manager.

    Turn on the option “Batch-Search&Collect“, and “Collect files…” if you want to collect assets. (4)

    Use “Fast mode” for relinking maps in 3ds max files without opening each file. Use this option if your scenes saved in 3ds max 2010 or above and used plugins support this capability. For example, Maxwell renderer doesn’t allow relink assets without opening a 3ds max scene. (5)

    For collecting maps to one directory with model set the “Collect path” to <FilePath> and “Map Folder” to <FileName>. Also, you can specify an absolute path to the directory and map folder like “C:\Models” and “Maps”. (2)

    Specify directories with models in the list at top (1) and set directories for searching assets in the list “Search Directories: ” (3)

    See also related articles on 3d-kstudio:

    And videos:

  • How to archive 3Ds Max files with Assets in the Batch mode

    Using the following script, you can batch archive your scenes with assets.
    The process is very simple.
    All you should do is run the “Batch Render&Relink*”, specify the folder(s) or 3ds max files, set the target folder where you want to save the archives, and in a short while all the archives you need for your work at home or for rendering on the render farm are ready and waiting.

  • Is it possible to customize file types for displaying/hide them by default?

    Filter 3d models by file-type Yes – you can add custom file types to list and hide default file-types.
    This option available on the 3d Models tab.

  • How I can Add a New Material to the Material Library?

    You can save material to the Material Library just dragging the material from Standart or Slate Material Editor
    directly to the Material Library what opened in the Project Manager:

    Or save material to the Material Library using Copy/Paste method:

  • Is it possible to replace materials with Project Manager?

    Choose a material with which you wish to replace a scene material .
    Copy it (CTRL + C) or from context menu item “Copy”.
    Go to the catalog “Scene Materials” and select the material you want to replace.
    (To quickly find the material in the scene, you can use a >>filter)
    Choose in the context menu the item “Replace Material”.
  • Does it possible to export the list of the missing maps to file?

    You can export the list of the missing maps to file using the menu-item “Make Summary Report” from menu “Tools”.
    Asset Explorer - Export the list of the missing maps to file

  • How to find what material/object contains a missing texture map?

    It’s simple using Project Manager or FilePathFinder.

    Select desired files into the list and press one from buttons on top panel for placing dependent material, texture map to Material Editor or select objects.
    Using panel on bottom you can filter files by status or by depending to selected objects.

    Find materials with missing files

  • Where find the option to preview images in the 3rd version?

    The option for choosing the default viewer for images in the associated application is moved to Project Manager menu above the address bar.


    Project Manager viewport

    Also 3rd version allows viewing any type of asset in a separate window. Whether is it an image, an HDRI file, a 3D FBX file, 3DS, BVH or IES file – any of these files you can view in high resolution in a separate window. The file in the window is updated when you change the file selection in the list. You can also save the selected view for a 3D file into the file’s gallery.
    To opening a file in a separate window, find a related option on the menu or use the SPACEBAR key.

    Applicable to:

  • How I can merge an animated model with keeping a hierarchy?

    There are a few options to keep a hierarchy for an animated model:

    1. Merge using double-click on 3D file
    2. Merge using the menu-item “Merge with default 3Ds Max Dialog” from the right-click menu “Merge”
      Merge with default 3Ds Max Dialog using Project Manager
    3. Hold the SHIFT key when dragging a model.

      Merging animated model with keeping a hierarchy

  • I just want to create a CoronaBitmap or Bitmap when drag to Slate Material Editor

    This capability always present in Project Manager.
    Drag bitmap/Map to Material Editor and hold the SHIFT key.
    Will be create a textureMap which supported with your active renderer(Bitmap, CoronaBitmap and etc.).

  • How i can make a Backup and Restore the Settings?

    Use the tool “Export/Import Settings” for exporting the settings before reinstall the 3ds Max or Windows.
    Or for transferring them to another computer.

    Note: Before restoring settings you should close the plugin using menu “File” => “Exit”

    By default the settings are placed in this directory:
    %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\20XX – 64bit\ENU\scripts\Kstudio\ProjectManager_3\Settings\

    About upgrading a database from 2nd to 3rd version please read the next article:

  • Upgrade Database to 3rd version of Project Manager

    When installing the 3rd version, a new database is created and the data is copied from the existing one.

    In this way, you can upgrade to a new database, but at the same time, if you use a common database with your team, your team will be able to use the previous version of the database. Thus, you can deploy a new version gradually, transferring your team to use the new version step by step.

    Also, if necessary, you can always update your database manually using the “Restore database” utility.

    To do this, open the preferences dialog => tab “DataBase” =>
    press the “Restore database” button => “Load from” and specify the location of backups database for 2nd version. ( By default the database for 2nd version located in the directory %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\20XX – 64bit\ENU\scripts\TrackScripts\ProjectManager\temp\databaseBackup)
    Select the database in the list and press the “Restore database” button.

    Upgrade Database to 3rd version of Project Manager
  • What is the difference between the “Models Manager” & “Project Manager”

    1. The “Project Manager” unlike “Models Manager” supports to materials, bitmaps and ies-files.
    2. The “Project Manager” contain the tool “Batch Render&Relink”.
    3. The “Project Manager” contain all abilities of the “FilePathFinder PRO”
    4. See Comparison for Kstudio asset management tools on this page.
  • What is the difference between the “Materials Manager” & “Project Manager”

    1. The “Project Manager” unlike “Materials Manager” supports to 3d models, bitmaps and ies-files.
    2. The “Project Manager” contain the tool “Batch Render&Relink”.
    3. The “Project Manager” contain all abilities of the “FilePathFinder PRO”
    4. See Comparison for Kstudio asset management tools on this page.
  • Which 3d programs and renderers are supported?

    Note: Please use latest updates for your version of 3ds max
    3ds Max Updates & Service Packs
    For plug-in work it is required to Net Framework version 4.0.


  • Problems with installation or reading/writing setting for plugins or scripts

    When you start a plugin/script or run an installer, an error message references a Temp/User account folder on your machine.

    Applicable to any script/plugin.

    Additional information:
    By default user must have permissions to read/write to directory %USERPROFILE% (“C:\Users\USERNAME”) but sometime this permission can be changed.
    As a result, the user receives an errors when try install new plugins/scripts, or when try to use them.


    1. Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to directory “C:\Users\”
    2. Choose a directory of your current user
    3. Choose the menu item “Properties” from explorer menu.
    4. Go to “Security” tab and set permission for your user like on pictures below

    Related links:
    Windows 10 troubleshooting (Permissions Issues section).

    How to fix: Unable to create copy/move destination directory

  • Opening file dialog causes crash

    When performing opening a scene using file dialog, 3ds Max will crash.

    Applicable to Project Manager, Models Manager, and Materials Manager.

    Additional information::
    When the Dell component (Dell Backup and Recovery) is installed, the windows file browser causes one shell extension DLL (DBROverlayIconBackuped) from this component to be loaded into IW process.
    InfraWorks opening file dialog causes crash

    DLL hell with SQLite

    Uninstall the “Dell Backup and Recovery” application.

  • You repeatedly receive a MAXScript Garbage Collection Error

    When running a script you repeatedly receive a MAXScript Garbage Collection error.

    Open the “Preferences” dialog and change a value for “Initial heap allocation” to 256 or 512.
    Restart the 3Ds Max.

    See another solution here:
    3ds max Maxscript Heap Memory Allocation

    MAXScript Garbage Collection Error

    Initial Heap Memory Allocation

  • Scene file crashes, corrupts scene data, gives Script Controller error or no longer uses the Undo function


    When opening or working with an Autodesk®3ds Max® software file (*.max), the scene displays some or all of the following behaviors:

    • Crashes or fails to open
    • Corrupted scene data
    • Empty helper nodes
    • Unable to save the scene manually
    • Unable to use the Undo function
    • Displays various MAXScript errors
    • Corrupts or removes cameras, lights, and/or materials
    • Forces an auto-save after breaking the scene or when choosing “Don’t Save” when closing
    • Adds itself to an existing script in the MAXscript startup directory
    • Force closes 3ds Max
    • Unable to save V-Ray lights

    Read original article about issue and solution on Autodesk Knowledge Network.


    Install and use the 3ds Max Security Tools from Autodesk, Inc.
    3ds Max Security Tools protects you from CRP, ADSL and ALC 3rd party scripts, which can corrupt the 3ds Max environment, cause data loss and instability, as well as spread to other systems.
    3ds Max Security Tools can safely remove corruption-causing scripts from your system, including any infected scene files.
    The cleaning process is non-destructive and does not affect any scene data.
    The Security Tools detect and remove the scripts when 3ds Max starts, as well as when a scene is loaded or saved, including when the scene is merged or XRefed.
    The Security Tools will protect and clean systems that are already infected, and allow you to safely use scene files shared from other machines.

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