FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - Page 2

Yes – from June 1, 2017 the students or teachers can buy the Kstudio plugins with 50% discount! Before we can fulfill your order, we require proof of qualification or studies to get academic discounting on Kstudio plugins for 3Ds Max. Please note that the academic version of Kstudio is identical to the full (commercial […]

It’s simple using Project Manager or FilePathFinder. https://youtu.be/gTCT4TYjDf8Video can’t be loaded: Find materials with missing files (https://youtu.be/gTCT4TYjDf8) Select desired files into the list and press one from buttons on top panel for placing dependent material, texture map to Material Editor or select objects. Using panel on bottom you can filter files by status or by […]

Issue: When you start a plugin/script or run an installer, an error message references a Temp/User account folder on your machine. Applicable to any script/plugin. Additional information: By default user must have permissions to read/write to directory %USERPROFILE% (“C:\Users\USERNAME”) but sometime this permission can be changed. As a result, the user receives an errors when […]

The licenses have no expiration date. The “Individual License” are licensed to a single individual. Up to 2 activations will be provided, intended to enable use of the software by the same individual on both a desktop and laptop computer. A Corporate license is simply a license for more than one person to use the […]